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    I was meeting with a couple of the guides here and they were packing a knife I haven't seen before. I had 2 or 3 of my own knives in my pack, including a few high end custom jobs and a good old Kershaw. These guys were carrying Havalon Piranta Edge knives. (Yes, it's Piranta - not Piranha). They are only $35 online and come with 12 replaceable scalpel blades. Extra blades are about $6 a dozen.
    One blade will do a couple of deer easily and then you just toss it and snap a new one on. I participated in the gutting and skinning of 4 bucks with these and they were the best I've ever used.
    We had a guy hunting with us who owned his own butcher shop and even he said "whoa" when he touched one to a deer.
    They aren't great for cutting through the leg sockets to cut the forearms off, etc as they are very thin and very sharp, but they slice through hide like butter.
    They are so sharp you need to be extremely careful with them.

    If you click on handles they ahve the old style surgical handles as well, would be great for SHTF and stock up on razor sharp blades.
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    Cool.... sort of like my utility knives... blade gets dull... break off the section and you have a fresh new one... like 10 blades in one ....
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    I've used one for the past two years, after being shown one by an M.D. in our E.R. Superb quality; very reasonable.
    Absolutely the finest skinning / caping knife I've ever used....in 45 years.They are scary-sharp [respect].
    I also bought the sheath & a dozen extra blades.So far, the first blade has skinned 5 deer and still sharp enough to skin another.
    Since I bought mine, they've come out with one in Hunter Orange....easier to find if you lay it down in the leaves.

    ----Gnarly [troll]
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