Have you guys seen this?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by thermax, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Any weapon can hangfire. Military weapons instructors stress this and the greater evil. If you have a misfire and are in a position/situation where if you can wait a slow count of 30 to 60 seconds, then do so before you attempt to clear your weapon, all the while keeping the weapons muzzle pointed in a safe direction. If your position is being overrun by hostiles, and the situation is shoot or die, you clear the weapon like you were dealing with a live grenade (it would help if you had a 6 inch hole 2 foot plus deep to drop/kick/dump/throw the defective round in.) Otherwise eject and move away from it. Pray and continue slaying the enemy.
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    It is a scary thing to see what people will do with loaded weapons, knowing the damage they can cause.
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    People just don't believe that bad things can happen to them anymore because we live in an age where you just don't see it happen all that often. We live in a world where no one has to take responsibility for what they are doing and this often leads to "darwinism" or "adding another one to the gene pool".

    All in all this was a stupid move. But I am not in the least suprised by it.
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  6. It's sad to see that people are really this stupid. Sometimes I would like to think its a myth, then I see videos like think that bring me back to reality.

    The RoadRunner and Coyote comes to mind here...
    Rule #1 if the cannon doesn't fire don't look in the big hole at the other end. You may not make it through it as the coyote did. (Acme had it in for him)
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    Just one simple question comes to mind.... exactly what did he expect to see looking down the barrel?[dunno]
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    Wow....stupid should hurt. In all my years of shooting. I have never had the urge to look down the barrel of a shotgun that i knew was loaded....
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    Watch the angle of the shotgun in the slow motion part. It would have been a head topper if it wasn't slightly moved under recoil, that dumb ass was super lucky.
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    It takes a special degree of stupid to do that.
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    especially without a flashlight [monkeyeating]
    Society would be so much better off, if they did not reproduce.
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    I don't quite believe this...I think there is a degree of B.S. involved...I was not there to witness such a$$hattery...
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    Hard to say if it's BS but fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.

    I think that's how the saying goes.....
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    Daaam. He missed. Now i suppose he is going to breed more like himself.
    That would have been good bleach for the gene pool.
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    Wow, I've been shooting for the majority of my life, never have I looked down the barrell of a loaded weapon, or heck for that matter I haven't looked down the barrell without the bolt/breech open. Looks like is time for this guy to find another hobbie before his wife and kids are left without him and we all have to read another sop story on some retard.
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    I do believe this video is real, and that it was the weapons concussion that actually blew the guys hat off, to bad they did not show the hat's duck bill to see for sure, and too bad that it wasn't pointed toward his gonad's so he could not bear more fruit like him.
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    They DID show the hat, with a ragged hole through the bill about an inch from the band. Another inch inwards, he'd have had a lead frontal lobotomy.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid....... but bless her heart his momma still loves him, being he's 'special' and all. ;)
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    After father review and upon close scrutiny of the background folage,
    I have concluded that this video was shot in Texas and therefore 99.9% True !!!....lol
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    Had a slow internet connection yesterday, and did not wait for the entire vid to download, so only watched the first half.

    After watching the entire video, this was not faked, and "Forest Gump" was one very lucky idiot to survive.
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