Have You Ordered Medicines from Canada w/No Problems?

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by IndieMama, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I have never done this and want to make sure it works out for everyone and make sure it is still legal to do so. I know that sounds ridiculous, but you just never know anymore and I don't want to do something I'm not supposed to do.

    I am most interested in antibiotics and things like Silvadene (something for burns that SHOULD be available OTC, in my opinion).

    All comments welcome and I apologize for my ignorance in advance!

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    silvedine is not over the counter?? where do you live hon?? I have ordered from canada but found that the antibiotics used on fish are human grade. and I have used them many years and they work. Im stocked on these :) if you need help please let me know ok.
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    This article seems to contain some good, common sense information and tips. Make sure you check out the pharmacy and avoid the internet offers that we all get in our inboxes

    Is it legal to buy drugs from Canada?
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    I've actually had success with ordering from an online med company. Nothing Narcotic or otherwise controlled but a few things that the Dr didn't feel were necessary. They were shipped from India and I compared all the packaging and printing and it looked identical to the US stuff. Not advocating going around your doctor but it is available.

    The very first search I make after finding something I might want to purchase online is simple:
    [U]FILL IN ONLINE VENDOR HERE[/U] scam ripoff problems
    This gives me any bad information that has been posted on them.
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    I am in Oregon. When I asked about Silvadene, I was told it was not OTC. If that is wrong, I would sure like to know. It is used for burns and we got some form the ER once. I do like to play with some essential oils for these things, but am not experienced enough with them, yet.

    Thanks for your comments. I am wondering how you all stock up on antibiotics when you do not have a prescription? The fish thing sounds strange to me. Can you elaborate a bit on that.


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    Yes, very interesting. More people should read it. (Note: Candy, less is more. Another way to agree is to say you agree with the article and will plan accordingly for this. I parsed your post).
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    Silvadene Cream


    You can purchase a wide variety of emergency supplies to include Silvadene in several forms at this Veteran Owned Small Business. I found their prices to be very good also. I hope this helps. [freedom]


    Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc.
    9262 Old River Road
    Marcy, NY 13403

    Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334
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    Meds from Canada = India?

    I ordered some meds from Canada and the first batch just arrived. They were made in India. WTF? I did not ask for Indian drugs, so now I'm wondering is this crap or not? I've called and said I may want to return these since nothing on their web site led me to believe these were anything but Canadian. Comments?
  11. Country_boy

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    What site?

    One possability is they are inspected, legal indian drugs imported into Canada. The US allows this as well.

    But I suspect it may be an Indian or offshore website with a Canadian name, much like the made in China brand Chicago Electric. I believe I posted at least one such web site in this thread.
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    We have gotten all kinds of meds from India, Sri lanka, etc over the years. What matters is the label, for example Glaxo is a good British Company and made in India is fine. Do some research on the company name if you are worried.
  13. cdwoods

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    India Meds

    The meds I received are Doxycycline Hydrochloride 100mg (DOXICIP-100) from the firm Cipla LTD. From what I could find this appears to be a well known and respected firm in India. I suspect these may be OK. It is a form of a Tetracycine, so when they reach their expiration age limit, I will dispose of them.

    This is where I ordered from.


    Known as Canadian Pharmacy.

    They have contacted me and seem willing to refund after I receive the entire shipment and send it back.
  14. Tikka

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    Some of my co-workers get their prescriptions filled off shore at pharmacies which were recommended by their doctor.
  15. cdwoods

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    Indian Drugs

    I reviewed the companies listed as the manufacturers for the meds I received. From what I've seen they appear to be reputable and well known, so I'll keep what I received. Just to play if safe I also ordered more from another source. I now have a very nice stock pile, and ready to barter if it is ever required.
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    i order from a canadian pharmacy using an rx form from my doc. while they are based in canada the drugs come from all over the world. for example my insulin comes from great britain in an insulated box with cold pack. have had no problems so far but i live in washington where it is relatively cool. was pricing plavix and it was something like 1/10 of us price. generic drug prices seem to be cheaper in us, esp if they are on walmart $4 program. walmart brand insulin syringes are cheaper, too about 1/2 of bd brand. you have to shop as drug prices vary widely, many places price match with an added slight discount.
    i often use Compare prescription drug prices and online pharmacy ratings at PharmacyChecker.com to compare prices but while good does not always find best price.
  18. Do you use a prescription Rx for these or just order them yourself? They have everything you need for the flu pandemic right there, and then some, for skin infections, gsw, I mean everything. But is it legal?
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    reputable canadian pharmacies are certified by cipa, follow canadian law and require an rx. importing drugs is not really legal but us customs has agreed to let rx drugs in, though i seem to remember some cop got in trouble with his agency for doing this.
    pharmacies i have dealt with have a policy of making good if shipments are confiscated. i have never had that problem. some companies will ship drugs without a rx but i have never dealt with these. narcotics, even otc codeine in canada, are not available.
  20. Im looking for antibiotics not narcotics, but thanks for the advice
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