Having a good rooster

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    Roosters have their uses...they make fine feather dusters

    A good reference....a small flock will be happier with an effective rooster.....beyond 12 or so chickens the flock may get too large for a single rooster to manage well......having 2 roosters in the same small flock may lead to conflict in the flock.

    One down side to a rooster, at least in a SHTF situation is that they may make too much noise....notifying all and sundry that the retreat exists close by and that there is food to be had....at least there are chickens to be had.

    Having a rooster means that you can barter fertile eggs, which some people tend to prefer, and also bartering fertile eggs is a way of spreading self sufficiency to others.

    Edit: An effective rooster may also reduce bullying behaviour among hens....happy hens are better layers...and...... better lays!.....for a rooster that is ; )
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