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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Wild Bill, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Wild Bill

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    Ok so now that I'm actually looking to purchase land I'm realizing that almost every good piece of land I see on landwatch.com is outdated sold or fake land. Doing broad searches is also a fruitless endeavor as everyone advertises their land at $0 or $1 and then says "call for pricing". The remaining land I see with a price ends up being a ridiculous price per acre as opposed to the entire lot or an auction requiring me to fly out to wherever it is and hope for the best of luck.
    So I'm wondering if anyone has any leads on good deals or websites for land in the Southeast? Starting to get frustrated with my options I may be forced to join a cooperative or something who already has 100+ acres to subdivide but I really want my own slice of the American dream.
  2. ghrit

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    realtor.com might cough up something useful. IIRC realestate.com also exists, seems like I used them in wayback times.
  3. HK_User

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    Pretty simple, find a licensed real estate agent in the area you want to live.
    Many specialize in Ranch and Farms and bare land.
    Set your needs and the amount you want to pay.
    That's how I did it.
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    Ditto HK's wisdom. You aren't going to find deals on nationally advertised websites. Pick a location and connect with the realtors and especially the auction services in the area. In the Midwest I know lots of rural land is not sold thru realtors but rather thru auction. My brother bought a nice place with 20 acres at an auction. I see 3-5 rural property auctions (some with house, some without) every week in a three county area around me.
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  6. Tracy

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    But is it southeast Idaho? ;)
    - Just pokin' ya' DR, Will Bill's looking for something in SE.~seesaw
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    Yea, Well [ROFL] beggars can't be choosers. Land with game, water and timber is hard to come by. Bill might want to think about relocating... [winkthumb]
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    Depending on which state you are looking, you can search Texas Land, Farms & Ranches for Sale - LandsofTexas.com You can just replace Texas with any other state you want and find it that way.
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  10. Wild Bill

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    Thanks for the responses. Yeah that idaho deal is amazing. I really hate winter though so I'm trying to keep it no more north then nc. But the big issue is the 93 grand. Took me a long time to get out of debt and I like the freedom of being debt free. Trying to keep my land purchase under 15 grand so I can just use cash and own everything outright. I had many listing of 3 to 10 acres in that range but they all are sold already once I started calling on them so maybe I just have to wait it out for good deals to appear again.I tried that land of website and they ddon'tdo anything under 50k. ill try to find a state wide realtor somehow I guess
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    And make sure of the water Rights, and mineral rights. You might have oil or natural gas, and someone else can mine it right out from beneath you without paying you a dime.
    Water right for drilling a well, or water catchment system, you will need to know the legal before committing.
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    Red River Texas This is a cabin in Red River County in Texas. It is now 39,000. The RV was sold. The barn is really nice.
  13. pearlselby

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    You should be able to find land under 15 grand at Country Homes, Farms, Ranches for Sale, Recreational Property & Land -
    United Country Rural Real Estate
    Be sure to click Search an office.
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    There are several lots for sale east of Trinidad co, within a 15 minute drive, some are as low as 15,000, but the winter kinda sucks
  15. -06

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    Rural NC/SC piedmont areas are still reasonable. Some with ponds/streams/old houses/buildings.
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    Thanks guys. exploring those options. Found a couple little things on that country homes place. Reaching out to realtors. Hard to find realtors that are interested in helping but I'm working on it.
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    I\m new here and I am not seeling land=some paranoid dude thought I was. I just want to let you know that if you speak spanish or know someone who does you can buy beautiful land in a temperate mountainous region or in a hot region of central america. In the mountainous regions where I prefer to live it.s dirt cheap. Here in Panama a lot of people have retired but the land prices are more expensive than elsewhere in the region. I am an American expat and I love the culture here the people are so nice in continental central America and where i live at 6000 feet there is no humidity and it is always cool never goes above 75. I hate heat. Anyway broaden your horizons there\s a whole world out there. In asia especially northeastern India the land is dirt cheap but Its too remote for me. Spanish is SO easy to learn. I spent 9 months in Latin AMerica as a child and attended English Prep schools that prohibited speaking Spanish but I taught myself in 9 months watching those ridulous telenovelas-spanish soaps.
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    When I see S.E., of course I think S.E. Alaska, where I live. :) I do know of some sweet places around here, and we always like good neighbors.
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    Excellent post. I am retiring in 22 months after working 31 years in a civil service job. I am looking at Arizona the Camp Verde, Chino Valley, Prescott Valley area, focusing more on Camp Verde. I have worked in the P3OPL3S R3PUBLIK of KALIFORNIA and cant wait ti be free. Plentiful water, Ill be full solar with back up gen. Cant wait to be free.
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