Hawaii pols propose bill that would classify homelessness as medical condition

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DKR, Jan 28, 2017.

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    I nearly put this into the General Discussion category, but I have to guess that since Tax Money is involved, it will get political - fast.

    I'll have to admit, when I read this my first reaction was YGBSM!! (YOU have Got To BE Sh!tting me!)
    (Side note - this is the real-deal motto of the USAF 66th TFW, Wild Weasels)

    But it seems to be 'real'.

    (Headline)Hawaii pols propose bill that would classify homelessness as medical condition(/headline)

    HONOLULU – As an emergency room doctor, Hawaii Sen. Josh Green sees homeless patients suffering from diabetes, mental health problems and an array of medical issues that are more difficult to manage when they are homeless or do not have permanent housing.

    That's why Green says he wants homelessness classified under Hawaii state law as a medical condition.

    If homelessness is a disease, he reasons, then doctors should be able to write prescriptions for the cure: Housing.

    "It is paradigm shift for sure, but the single best thing we can do today is to allow physicians and health care providers in general to write prescriptions for housing," Green said.

    Green last week introduced a bill in the Hawaii Legislature to classify chronic homelessness as a medical condition and require insurance companies to cover treatment of the condition.

    But if a doctor wrote a prescription for six months of housing, where would the patient fill the prescription?

    That's where Green wants Medicaid to step in.

    He wants to redirect some of Hawaii's $2 billion annual Medicaid budget to pay for housing.
    END Quote

    (Note - current population of HI is 1.42 million) (Some 7,921 homeless were counted statewide on a single night in January, up 4 percent from 2015. That 0.005% of the population)

    I'm not really getting into the politics, but rather wonder about a couple of things:

    What happens to folks who need, say, dialysis treatments, but cannot because too much of the scarce (tax) money is going to slumloads?

    Who will get to reap the bloat from providing 'housing"?

    This is really just a different version of the Housing First meme that's gaining traction all over. What makes this HI gambit unusual, is that it seeks to siphon off Federal Health dollars to support home-less housing - something that, up to now, has been a local issue (both providing and paying for).

    Here in Anchorage, the Muni provides units (some of which cost over $100K to 'renovate') so that the "chronic inebriates" can have a safe and warm place to guzzle their booze. And I get to pay for both.

    The Housing First folks make huge claims on how this will save money and put people back to work. I yet to see any verified case studies showing any success. Success is defined as the person supporting themselves without any help from the dole. You know, like the rest of us working stiffs.

    I not holding my breath. Under Obama, I could see this Homeless = medical condition being winked at by Santa... I mean - Obama and his liberal ilk.

    Now, with the The Don in charge, I can only hope this gets spiked before everyone else wants to play "Me too" with Fed tax dollars....and scarce health dollars to boot.
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  2. Legion489

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    Well the solution is obvious to me. Just classify the homeless as illegals, ship the homeless... er... "illegals" to "sanctuary cities" (LA/San Fran/most any southern Cal big city, or any other place that voted heavily Hitlery, which I am guessing is HI too that matter, but at least the weather is nice there) and let them handle it. Since they want totalitarianism, cut off Fed dollars (where do the Fed dollars come from? Ize donzs knowz, but Ize wantz it!) and let the scum who want this pay for it on their own.

    The only other solution I see is for the thinking/working class to pull out of the communist controlled areas and abandon them to the stupid and let them implode. When it gets bad enough, the stupid will demand the rest of us either move back (seriously proposed in some areas! Make/force White working class families move back to these areas!) or do something about it on their own, if only to wipe themselves out through tribal warfare.
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  3. DKR

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    Ah - but -- as they say....

    A while back some pols in California were floating the idea of the State Dept of Revenue tracking down former residents of the once Golden State.


    Well, the theory went, bonds passed while you were a resident became your obligation forever (or 30 years), even after you left the AO - even if you voted against them. So, they went on, it's only fair you pay for your obligation...even if they had to send it to collections.

    Insane? Maybe, but we are talking Democrats here.... I expect this to rise from the ashes again someday. Don't even get me started on the "imputed income" tax nonsense floated more than once - and at the Federal level....
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  4. ghrit

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    There's something funny in his incense burner. Besides, it strikes me that homeless in HI is a significantly better proposition than homeless in Minneapolis.
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  5. Dunerunner

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    Homelessness in Hawaii is a social condition caused by doctors in Hawaii who are making too much money. They, the doctors; should open their homes and wallets to the homeless to alleviate the problem. :rolleyes:
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  6. DKR

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    Native son Barack Obama easily won HI in 2008 and 2012, gaining over 70% of the vote both times.

    Insanity is also a medical condition - yes?
  7. Mindgrinder

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    It would be nice if this was such a simple and clear cut issue of either funding or politics.
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  8. Oltymer

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    It is a medical condition in that the pols are mentally unbalanced.
  9. oil pan 4

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    Some of the useful idiots on fb were saying we need to build "mega shelters".
    The idea was to make a place for people who were too poor, too stupid or too mentally ill enough to not be able to support them selves could go.
    They could build their own shelter, raise their own food and be self sufficient so on and so forth.
    But I had to open my big stupid mouth and tell them "I know that is, it's called a poor farm".
    Then they must of Googled it.
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  10. DKR

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  11. T. Riley

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    ObamaCare housing?
  12. DKR

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    Under ObammyCare the FedGov increased the flood of Medicaid $$$ dough to the States and lifted a lot of the prior restrictions.

    Some called it a vote buying scheme. Others, a plan to destory the Nation. I just called it unaffordable.

    Alaska bought into this crap - the legislature tried to stop it, but the Gov owed the Native Corps big time for their $upport on his run for office.

    Now, the Fed Money is disappearing, but once a person is on Medicaid, it is all but impossible to kick them off. So, now they (SoA) are talking about a 15% income tax to make up "the deficit" - a deficit caused in large part by out of control cost of 'entitlement' programs. I wouldn't normally get this pi$$ed, but over 1/2 of the folks in State pay nothing in taxes - Federal or local. (Number of Americans Paying Zero Federal Income Tax Grows to 43.4 Million - Tax Foundation) There are some that don't file at all.

    My son fled the State a couple of years ago and I'm actively looking for a decent place to live outside of Alaska. This place has gone nutz.....
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  13. Dunerunner

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    Would have never guessed it.... Disappointing as are all the results of social experimentation.
  14. Bishop

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    Give them a tent set them up on one of the islands that no one's on if they can't survive no more proscription for them.
  15. rjburk

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    just another loophole to gain federal tax dollars since they can't seem to survive otherwise......it's a growing condition in my state of WV also.....looking at a 500 million shortfall on current budget.....one of the worst unfunded liability states in the union.....Obama and his zombies killed a lot of work in last 8 years, hopefully Trump can erase a lot of the failed epa bullcrap and get something moving....
  16. Motomom34

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    I have been waiting for a few days for @DKR to come clean and tell me that he found this on The Onion but sadly it is a true bill. World has gone crazy.
  17. chimo

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    This would turn Honolulu's Hotel street and vicinity into a hospital of sorts, no?
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