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  1. Hanzo

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    @Bear gave me some oranges from his tree. They are big and juicy, his oranges are. One orange has at least one cup of juice.


    So it became the theme ingredient for our afternoon refreshment. First up was sparkling water.


    I cooled off my very hot wife too,


    Next up was ice cream. Homemade orange ice cream really hit the spot. Dessert before dinner.

  2. tacmotusn

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    [drooling] Tac approves whole heartedly. Now we want your Orange Ice Cream recipe! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
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  3. Hanzo

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    For @tacmotusn and anyone else who cares.

    Orange ice cream "recipe"

    So simple, a cave man, er, I did it. There's a hard way and an easy way. So short, I will give you both.


    fresh squeezed orange juice and pulp
    half & half (if you use cream or add cream, then super rich)

    My proportions were roughly 1/3 juice/pulp and 2/3 half & half
    Sugar to taste

    Hard way...

    mix and add ingredients in a container
    put it in a much larger container and fill the outer container with ice and rock salt
    use mitts or something to insulate your hands
    shake away
    don't stop
    keep shaking
    don't stop
    add more ice and salt if you have to
    keep shaking
    the larger your mixture, the longer and harder you have to shake

    Example, the fastest I was able to make it the hard way was when I used maybe a 1/2 cup of ice cream solution. Took me about five minutes. But I loaded the outside bag with ice and salt. It was soft, but it was delicious ice cream. Little monkey decided to make about a cup. She went for half and hour and it was still liquid.

    Easy way...

    pour your solution into an ice cream maker
    turn it on
    we ate in 20 minutes
    if you like your ice cream hard, stick it in the freezer

    Note: you can add whatever flavor you want. Just do it to taste. The citrus fruit ones with only half & half, I found were light and refreshing. Doesn't need too much sugar.

    The same "recipe" but replacing the orange juice with a splash of vanilla makes an awesome vanilla ice cream. Top with some Kahlua.

    Or @Bear can make different flavors for his banana split.

    So was that or was it not way too easy?
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    Nice oranges. Look almost like grapefruits. And not a lot of peel.
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  5. Hanzo

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    Today was a really hot and muggy day. So after teaching my two tai chi classes and having my customary lunch with @Bear, I run my errands, and go home to get ready for soccer practice. Season is almost over. And we are trying really hard to stay undefeated and win the championship this weekend.

    Always tell the monkeys to have a light snack before practices and games. So after I got home, wifee made popcorn. And I made orange sparkling water. I didn't realize how hot I was until I started drinking that. It was soooo refreshing!! Mahalo Bear, for the oranges. Hope your family liked the ice cream.


    The sun was our orange soccer ball today.

  6. Hanzo

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    Today was another hot day. Was surprised to learn (gps app) that doing tai chi, we go about two and a half to three and a half miles. Most I have logged was 3.66. Today was 3.15. Who knew? Guess I do now, as do my students.

    Anyway, back to the oranges. @Bear's oranges are really juicy. And we really like it in our sparkling water and homemade ice cream. So after I got home, first thing was the water. So refreshing!



    Then the ice cream. But this time, wifee wanted a modification. She said more orange. So she got more orange. As I suspected, it didn't firm up as much, but was still really good. Next batch will be Bear delivery.

    You can taste the more orange juice in there.

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  7. Hanzo

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    Dessert last night was the last of the Hawaiian orange ice cream batch. For wifee, I added the dark chocolate.

  8. Hanzo

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    Made my best batch of Hawaiian orange ice cream to date. The blurry spoon is my quality control taste test.


    Little monkey insisted on taste testing too.


    She was all set to help herself to a big serving. She thought is was really good too. But this batch was purpose made. Guess who it's for...


    The dark chocolate syrup ran together. But you can still make out that it is for @Bear. See you tomorrow, buddy.
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