Heads up - E-Tool sale, German straight handle

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Oltymer, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Oltymer

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    Just a heads up if you are in the market for an E-Tool, Major Surplus has them on sale, $29.95 - Buy one get one free. Sale ends at midnight Monday, 12/19. These are the straight wooden handle type, with pick in back of shovel blade, and the ad pictures it with the leather sheath.

    No connection with this company other than occasional purchases. I prefer the straight handle ones myself, and have an old US WWII era one. The new US design with the triangle metal section at the end of the handle makes it less of a weapon and light wood chopper IMHO.
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  3. Oltymer

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    Yeah, that's the one, look under shovels under outdoor equipment tools.

    I'm working on the links thing, I just never can remember how to capture the addresses and have to type the http address in. Old Fart brain corrosion I guess, but if they would put a trigger on these computers I could figure it out.
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    Wow, the wife insisted that I buy one!!!!! It was a struggle, but I gave in. You put 1 in your cart, and they add in the other one for free automatically. I will sell one and keep one and maybe do a US vs. Kraut E-tool torture test on my YouTube channel.
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    Dis be de wun?
    German Style Pick Shovel

    OT, find the page you want, highlight it in the address bar, then copy paste to your post. Give it a try, you can always delete it.
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    Dat be the un !! Copy, paste ?!?!?
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    Yes. Right click on the URL (address in the address bar) then click copy. Go to where you want the link to appear, set your cursor, right click again and select paste. And there it will be. This works across the board, one forum to another, or to word processors.
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    Y'all used any of these? Been thinking about picking a few up.
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    Sign up for their Email and get 10% off the shovels, the shipping is confusing "SmartPost" means FedEx to the local post office or home address, and I assume home delivery means to your street address. They'll be great in the garden until bug-in conditions, then it's filling sandbags time.
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