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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alpha Dog, May 18, 2012.

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    I live in WV and most of you guy's know that it's on my profile. Anyway yesterday my wife took my mother the Wal-Mart to pick up some things and I stayed with my dad to B/S for awhile. As my wife and mother was standing in line after life with a cop and knowing what the real world is like she don't take any chances with her and the baby being out she looks at everything and everyone. So she was standing there and in walks three black males two dressed like gangsters Blue jeans, black T-shirts do-rags and black ball caps turned sideways and both of them with jeans had the left pants leg pulled up and tied off at the knee and wearing tan military styled boots. On the right leg they was wearing leg holsters with guns straped down. The third guy was wearing grey BDU's, grey military styled cap and boots. Now when my wife noticed this she advised the clerk who stated they are not allowed to have them in here so my wife pushed the buggie to the side and told the clerk she would be back and pay in a few min she forgot her purse in the car. So she went outside with the baby and watched for the males to come out and leave. Went back into pay and ask why were they allowed to shop with guns on when she leaves hers in the car because of the sign on the door. The clerk said she had had no idea but was scared. So I spent a little free time this morning making a few calls and from what I have found it is believed to have been New Black Panthers and one of the workers there said that they don't want their name in it but the managment did not want to offend the group. This was not with in my jurisdiction but in another county so my white wife could not carry a gun that she has a permit to carry wanting to follow the law. But these guys can walk in with them strapped to their leg with the violent past that these guys have for the assault and murder of white people. I call B/S thats why I never leave my gun anywhere which in my state those signs don't apply to L.E.O. on or off duty but even if I wasn't I would not. I called Wal-Mart and was told they would check into it. Sure
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    Yes, double standard for sure. I wonder what the local law enforcement is up to...they probably don't want a national controversy out of this, but it all depends on location. I know in Philadelphia, wearing a gun strapped to your hip or leg in the open will get you shot by the cops.
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    Is open carry legal in WV (I assume so).

    The mgr probably made the right move, for whatever reasons--no need to cause a scene that might endanger people. Although my guess is he was probably scared. Your wife did the right thing too.

    The issue would be: if legal and they haven't done anything wrong, would doing anything be in violation of the 2nd A? If so, how do you get around that to get your point across?

    Put another way, would you want to be hassled for doing something legal? Especially if just based on your race? If they can't open-carry, then neither can the people you WANT to be packing.

    Maybe they will cross the yellow line after leaving, or not come to a complete stop, music too loud.. At the traffic stop, check out the ashtray...any blunts? Any smell? Any beer cans in the floor? Then, what are the WV laws regarding weapons in a vehicle?

    I think generally, you don't have to bend the rules to lock a trouble-maker up. Just wait around long enough and they'll screw-up.
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    No, the point that was made is that open carry is aloud everywhere except where it is posted. Wal-Mart is posted as "no carry". This isn't an ethnic thing, has nothing really to do with black and white, although part of the OP went into that at the end.

    LEOs in most states aren't subject to the posted no carry signs, as was stated, but the point that was being made is this:

    If you are a member of a big, bad, scary group (gang) that can cause a sufficiently large amount of trouble then certain laws won't apply to you. Race doesn't always enter into it. In this case the "flaunters" were black and the law was about carrying where it was posted not to. Sometimes it's white bikers and drugs. Other times it's Hispanics and alcohol (or something else). The point is that his wife wasn't part of the troublemaker crowd or sufficiently threatening to get away with flaunting breaking the law.

    New Black Panthers, KKK, Hell's Angels, Skinheads...doesn't matter, none of them are above the law and we need to quit allowing them to act like they are.

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  5. Tikka

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    Only the New Black Panthers seem to have immunity. If they were "KKK, Hell's Angels, Skinheads" the city or county, state or fed would have been in their face big time.

    There is still racism in America; but not the same kind.
  6. TXKajun

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    "The manager said he didn't want to offend the group."

    OK, so now intimidation by force overshadows public law. Hmmm, isn't that called anarchy????

    This is wrong on so many levels. Stay alert and find another place to shop.

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    I've read that post 6 times now, and no where did I see it explicitly stated that open carry was allowed. I do not like to assume things.

    Further checking reveals that open-carry is allowed IF visible from 3 sides AND providing the person is a resident of WV.


    Additionally, a person cannot open carry in a place where it is forbidden.

    GA laws differ here, and that's why I asked. In GA, Wal-Mart can have a sign up, and I can carry CCW all day long...all they can do is ask me to leave if I am found out. Open-carry is the same...although, you're just looking for trouble then.

    My point, which you missed, is that it would be easier to deal with the problem after they left the store, than in the store where a national headline could happen.. Moreover, it would be better for everyone, including Wal-Mart, to not prohibit guns in their stores because if something went down, perhaps a few CCW holder could "solve the problem" before the police were even called.

    The thoughts of them or any other "fringe" group open-carry does not sit well with me. However, unless they are convicted felons, they have the right, just like everyone else, to bear arms. The slippery-slope of denying this to "fringe" groups is that one day, we might be in the fringe group.

    That is all I was trying to point out. Like I said, watch them for 15 minutes and they will screw-up--that's when you get them.
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  8. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Thats what I told the manager that we would be looking elswhere from here on out. I understand the not wanting to cause a spark and glad he did handle it the way he did (which I think was out of fear rather than good judgment) still a good choice. I also beleive if this had been a group of white people it would have been different and whitey would have been face down in the parking lot with bluelights all around. My thing is, this is just another case to me where a unknown amount of not white lawful citizens have been put in danger and forced to leave their firearms in the vehicle or even home to keep from violating the law. Then at the drop of the hat could have been in a life or death situation. Victims with no way to protect them self trying to be lawful. Plus I just can't help but to think how messed up it is that we the lawful citizens are being held hostage by thugs and treated as if it is okay. To please a group of people just because they are black, who make a living causing disorder and violence every where they go. If a white man had went in wearing a fire arm in that fashion but with his pants pulled up on his arss and was with two friends and one dressed in BDU's they would have been on the news as crazy white men, domestic terrorist, hate group looking to take over the world. I think this is something we are about to see more and more of groups like this. Any lawful citizen needs to stay watchful and on guard for this, we are all at danger to become victims. Like I told a friend of mine today that if I can help it and put in a situation like this with these people and the threat of harm to me or my family comes. The news will be calling me the offender rather than Alpha Dog the victim.
  9. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Open carry is legal for citizens unless posted not to do so. Now I have a lot of people come into the office and ask questions about open carry. I try to turn them more to the ccw permit not because I don't think people should be allowed to carry but how others precieve it. If you carry and a person can see it and that person has plans on assaulting you now they know you have a gun and they have to step it up. Also for them to remember even if they are the victim and have a fire arm and the bad guy don't have one always remember now the bad guy has one within his reach. Anything can happen your firearm for protection can quickly become the weapon used in the assault against you.
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  10. Tikka

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    Showing is a good way to warn others.
  11. Alpha Dog

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    Also a good way to let others know to shoot you in the back. Im the type that don't want the other man to know that life is short and he might get away with it until he is looking at the end of my Glock 45ACP or seeing a flash and feeling a warm sensation all over his body with a red substance running from his body on to the ground as his blatter releases thinking to himself $h!t what have I done.
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  12. TailorMadeHell

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    I like the "what have I done?" thing. It's always funny to me. Be stupid and they are surprised when the results turn out to be fatal.

    I see this and know that there are fanatics in all areas and these groups are not new ideas, they just reappear after a hiatus. The thought that comes to me though, the klan for the most part is still on hiatus, is will they reappear organized again because of the reappearance of the black panthers? One group awakens old enemies? Just pondering.
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  13. CATO

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    Ha! Blacks do more harm to blacks now than the Klan used to.

    Atlanta Anti-Gay Gang Beating Caught On Tape, But Officials Say No Victim Has Come Forward (VIDEO)

    Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Crips, Bloods, Black Mafia Family...they've always been there for last few decades. Just because you haven't seen them covered on the news doesn't mean they're not causing trouble. The media would rather cover the racist Tea Party.
  14. Gator 45/70

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    Hang on Hang on Hang on... Black's and Colored's Folk are one in the same...Granted they also are indeed tired of O'Douche and da pant's hung lo crowd...
    I'm looking for a route out in November...and to be honest..The Good Colored folks' are indeed tired of all the .....How can i say this.....
    Bull.... That is coming down....Rest assured...We still use the term Colored folk down here...No one is offended....and they have no use for ....#*&^%$...
  15. TailorMadeHell

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    I'm not covering the ratio of white on black as opposed to black on black violence. The point is more, with one group gathering strength again, will their old enemies also gather strength? I don't look to being around when a race war breaks out because there will be a lot of people that may have to be put to sleep on both sides because they blindly or stupidly attacked my black or white friends. "Oh, he's black and all blacks are the same, so let's attack him."

    Wrong answer. You "roll up on my boyz" expecting some BS to go down because of their skin color, had best have a bodybag and toetag prepared. Race wars, religion wars, culture wars and all that other garbage is some blind and stupid mob incited by someone with an agenda and the morons can't see the forest for the trees so they accept what is spoon fed to them as the holy truth. I can only change so much, and I will change it.

    The groups have always been there, this I know. The activity has lessened over time from what it used to be. Not all groups are as big as they used to be, some are even gone now. There is no doubt that there are ones still causing trouble. The gangs never change. Some die out or combine with other gangs to form new gangs. Some change membership due to violence or members getting old, though they are still made up of the same kinds of people and do the same activities.

    Don't forget the Aryans, KKK, Neo-Nazis and all the others.
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  16. CATO

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    Yes! I should point out that I don't really look at a person's race as much as his behavior. I didn't mean to generalize...what I meant was that blacks have more to fear today from other blacks than they do whites. When "community leaders" like Rev Al, Jessee, and the rest of the parasites condemn the thug lifestyles and attitudes, there might be a chance.

    But, this is just like Al Quaeda....it will take Arabs collectively to condemn their behavior to stop it....but they won't--too many of them agree with it.
  17. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I think they will sooner or later, I think they are going to lay low a little while and let this group offend and put alot of people in fear. Then make a come back and recruit the next generation out of the troubled times. I hate to say it and have always doubted the idea but with the way things are going with our country today race could be a issue with confrontations starting to flare up. Im not trying to be racist in any way but if you look we as white people are starting to be treated like criminals and when other races commit real crimes they are being given passes because of their race. Then white people don't have to commit a crime and be labled a criminal for what they think or beleive. It could just be my area but in the last year or so alot more blacks are making statements that the white people put them in slavery or when a white officer arrest's a black man the black guy makes the comment oh this is nothing to you, your family has shackled and lock my people up for years making us your slaves. Well first yes my heritage is Southern and my family did possess slaves but I didn't and yes maybe some of these black people who claim that their families were slaves probally was, but the one saying it was never and truth be told if they had to go through what a slave did they would be dead by days end. I am not ashamed in anyway of my Southern heritage nor of my family deeds. My family worked and fought for the South and it was the way of life at that time and as long as I see the morning sun come up with one breath in my body I will always be proud of where I'm from. Why should I be made out the bad guy for it? Why should I be ashamed of it? Why should I be treated any different than any other man of any other race? Why do my rights get trampled and taken for the wants of another just because he is a different race? Why am I forced to suffer for what some look at as a mistake made by my ancestors made? Judge each man for the man he is not by what you think he should be, not by what his race is and treat them all the same thats all I want. I have some very good black friends who feel the same way I do and see through the B/S of these idiots.

    I just really think something is coming and it has my guts in a knot and it's not going to be good for anyone.
  18. fedorthedog

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    Open carry vs concealed carry, I think everyone loves a surprise, so if I aint in a fight or in uniform its concealed.

    As to Walmart making the right choice wrong, I ran into some of the real Black Panthers when I worked in Oakland the are A$$ holes and I am sure the new ones are no better. It is never better to placate a bully than to confront him, These people have yelled screamed and embarrassed middle class america learning in the process to make us stand down. When there is going to be a fight dont step back it only encourages your opponent, get to it.
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  19. TailorMadeHell

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    I agree. "American by birth, Southern by the grace of God." For all the yanks. Lol. I am proud to be a southern boy. Always have. Even when people are saying we owe them 40acres and a mule. That ain't happenin though. The people that still hang on to that tired old line are the same who hold their hands out at every opportunity to get something not earned. Jackson and Sharpton will go the way of the dinosaur someday. That someday will not come soon enough though it is as stated, time for people to control their own. What happened way back when, if a man had a family of a wife and children and lazed about all day? What happened when he didn't take care of them as a man should have? The upstanding men of the community took him aside and gave him a "talking" to. Where is that now? Where is the backbone to do the right thing?

    Saw an episode of a show about a pawnshop in Detroit on TV yesterday. This kid, black, came in with some speakers to try and get some money. He was accompanied by his mother. The pawn dealer didn't agree to the price the kid wanted and the kid started cussing him. That mother actually pulled out a belt. She grabbed the kid by the ear and drug him from the store. She kept saying that she didn't raise him to be that way. She apologized to the pawn dealer. Now, that mother still has it in her to do the right thing and expect right behavior.

    If the Iraqis had handled their problems in house, a lot of soldiers would not have had to die over there. It is apathy, laziness and lack of backbone that led to our giving up so many sons and daughters to protect their miserable hides. What happened to the attitude of Damn the Torpedoes? Righteous anger all gone? Backbone melted? Too politically correct? "I can't stand it when people tell me I'm doing wrong. It hurts my feelers." The key to all this is to find the solution. Someone once told me that if you are going to say something is wrong, have a solution in hand. Well, I'm just afraid that most people in this society would not like the necessary solution and that is why we are here today.
  20. CATO

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    tipping point?

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