Heliospheric Disruption Warning, Electric Waves | S0 News Jan.7.2016

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    Non-Earth directed CMEs often trigger earthquakes....
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    Very interesting video.
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    Watching SO this morning. They held their conference and the FBI and other alphabet agencies showed up (Mentioned 2:20). Makes me wonder why. Are space watchers the new terrorists?

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    Solar winds are CME also
    "It affects it by the intense clouds of high energy particles that it often contains which are produced by solar storms. When these clouds, called coronal mass ejections, make their way to the Earth in 3-4 days, they collide with the magnetic field of the Earth and cause it to change its shape."
    NASA IMAGE satellite,Ask the Space Scientist Archive

    As the CME video in mindgrinder's post dated 1/7/16; as far as we are concerned, the event was over 3-4 days later.

    This is a good read on the subject:
    Space Weather

    Hams use information about the sun to predict operating conditions; noise etc.
    Space Weather Research - University of Bradford

    Solar flare probability is currently 18%.
    Space Weather Research - University of Bradford
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