"Hello, 911? My name is ****, and I just shot someone."

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I found this on another board and some good discussions were found in the body of the forum.

    O.K., so you and your better half are walking out to your car, which is parked down a side street, after a late night dinner. There is no one else around. Two thugs target you for a robbery. They approach. One shows a knife and demands money as the second one moves toward your wife. You present your carry weapon and shoot both men. One drops to his knees, apparently mortally wounded. The other escapes, but you are sure he, too, has been hit.

    Now, the question. If no one heard the shots, and you are pretty sure there are no witnesses other than the thugs, do you call 911 and request assistance for the man you shot and stay until help arrives? Or, do you hurry to your car and haul ass, choosing not to go through all that BS with the authorities that could involve litigaton and legal fees for months, if not years? Depending on what jurisdiction you are in, you might even be charged with murder for just protecting your wife and yourself.

    Well, be honest here. What would you do?
  2. Seacowboys

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    I have been in very similar circumstances at two occasions while in a foreign country and once on the open sea. I will not identify the countries because we do have an extradition treaty with them. I do not know or care about the condition of the bad guys; I extricated myself and others from a bad dangerous situation that required a degree of lethal force. On the incident at sea, I did file a report and never heard anything else about it. On the other incidents, well, let's don't go there.
  3. ghrit

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    I call 911 for starters (but I do not, and will not have a cell phone, so even that is problematic.) Then make a decision to boogie or not, and that will be based entirely on circumstances. If any one, and I mean absolutely any one is there, I hang around, because secrets are not secrets if there is more than one who knows it exists. I particularly hope that the shot or shots I took resulted in a fatality. (And, if there are more than one thug involved, he'd better be face down on the ground, or there will be more than one disabled.) One on one in the woods, make sure he's dead then leave and notify the authorities. The means and methods available to the constabulary will lead them to me sooner or later anyway.
  4. MbRodge

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    If the gun I had was a "throw away" gun then I don't think I'd call after doing a very thorough visual scan to check for witnesses. However, if the gun is registered to me then I would call 911 and then my lawyer immediately after.
  5. Blackjack

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    Probably too risky to skeedaddle (assuming urban area since you were just at a restaurant).

    Don't own a cellphone, so I'd probably send my wife back to the restaurant (slowly) to call the cops...... hopefully both scumbags bleed out by the time help arrives.

    Legal problems may be a bitch, but not nearly so much as if you leave and then get busted later.
  6. brotherpoop

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    Up here lately it has gotten better with the DA not dragging people into grand jury's over self defense in home invasions but I think it might be because home invasions are up and people are being murdered.

    I'm still NOT reporting it but I would like to somehow make a anomymous call reporting I witnessed 3 scum bags fighting and one of them shot the other one who was able to get the gun from the shooter and wound him while the third guy jumped in and grabbed the gun and took off leaving the two shot scum bags.

    The slightly wounded one will show up at hospital eventually and they'll keep the focus on him even though they probably won't get him for murder the DA will mess with him just like he surely would have messed with me for be a vigilante. Home invasion is one thing but on the street I'll trust street justice before the court system.

    I don't know how you can make a call to the police without it being traced back but I guess I'd try to find a phone and disguise my voice. Probably going to take the second shot guy some time to realize he has to seek medical attention. Police are always interested in gunshot wounds.
  7. evilgijoe88

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    well, in Oregon im not required to register. so no trail there. if they are willing to cause me or loved ones bodily harm, i truly doubt that they would call 911 for me. as such that is not a courtesy that i would extend to them
  8. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Good thread,for sure one of the "nightmare" questions to work outta ahead of time. Somebody will find them, I really don'think calling with a made up story is a good idea at all, they will probably want your info, or ask you to wait, once they get to the write a statement part, they can find little bits to work on to disprove your story.Of course you have a reason to be there (restaraunt.) They will catch a long made up story; about the third time you give slightly different details.
    "statement:" We were coming out of the restaraunt and I looked at my wife and heard two gunshots ring out,I pushed her down and toward the alley away from the sound.when I finally looked up there was a guy laying in the street in blood. I checked for life signs, and called 911..if somebody else was looking out the window and saw that you didn't you're screwed." two white folks jes shot j-boy and pinhead and drofe off, an I wrote down de license number here..."I dunno, "I suck at lying...
    "I was in fear for my life I shot to stop him from advancing with his knife".
    oh to render "assistance",(note to self: buy a bigger gun and get some practice.) they wouldn't feel at all bad about violating you and the missus...
  9. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    now I gotta ask some of you guys who have been to gunsite or other paid defense shooting training. Was that a legal shooting? A knife within21 feet is a lethal threat, so he gets at least two, but his buddy wasn't brandishing a weapon. Do both citizens (scumbags)( remember Bernie "you don' t look too bad off here's another one,BANG take that with ya "Goetze..)deserve 230gr served up hot and fast,? Yes, but is it a by the book legal shooting??? ( only oneknife?) [coffee2]
  10. poacher

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    The instructor I had for my CCW class said to say this and only this to 911. My name is **** two people have attempted to rob me, I have shots fired at @@@@ one subject is down the other has run off. I am wearing $$$ shirt and #### pants. Send police and EMS.

    The next call you make is to your attny. When police do arrive you look at the first officer and say " I want my attny here before I talk to you". My instructor suggested that you always carry at least 3 pieces of that ole Bazooka gum. After saying you want your attny you stick all three in your mouth at once that way you are too busy trying to chew the gum to talk to them.

    As for whether to call 911 at all or not. I say Call. First off someone ALWAYS sees. you may have got one at your feet the other ran off but what if they had a driver? He can come back as a witness and fry your butt.
    Second, if the first one was down but not dead and you try to leave and let him bleed out you may have just moved yourself from justifiable shooting to negligent homicide. Remember you had the right to carry you had the right to shoot but you DIDN'T have the right to let him bleed out.
    Lastly you may be just fine with dropping him and letting him lay but what about your wife? She may not take it as well as you and at some point if she does let it out then she is going to be interviewed as a suspect and they will look at prosecuting her as well as you.
    There's just too many things that could happen to Not call. You carry and as such I would assume that you have taken into account that at some point you will more than likely need an attny. You have probably put him on retainer for if and when you have to call him. So why are you rolling the dice?

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  11. monkeyman

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    It might depend on some of the narrower details, like jurisdiction and area and such. In an area like say Illinois where it is illegal to carry and defend yourself, or if in an area where figured the homeboys were likely to be comeing to back up the scum bags, if I figured there were no witnesses I would be more likely to not call it in. OTOH in a free area like MO where you have the right to carry and we are trying this legislative session to adjust our castle doctrine laws to include not just home and car but any where you are legally allowed to be, that you have the right to self deffense with no requirment to try to retreat and all civil suits blocked on any good shoot, then I would absolutely call it in.

    Either way you are most likely gonna get found. Did you shoot an auto? If so have you ever been fingerprinted for a background check, lisencing, military, etc? If so then you either stick around to find your empties thus MAJORLY hurting your self in court if found or else you are guaranteed to be found since you just left your thumb print on the caseing. Theres just to many ways you can get caught, so unless you are going down anyway due to ventureing into a commie state that forbids harming criminals to save your life and are just trying for the slim chance then its best to call it in and just remmber 'I was in fear for my life and the life of my wife'.
  12. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Good points; we are not "allowed" to carry concealed here. Even "legal" open carry will get you hassled (disorderly conduct) So that adds another charge to the whole mess. Whether the shooting was justifed or not.Really runs home the point of necessary shooting. To save your LIFE,not your TV or your honor.If you shoot it better be worth it.You don't want to be tried by madison liberals...
  13. Canadian-guerilla

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    concerning the thug that fell to his knees
    i'd go to him, and check to see if he had any id
    ( be careful about transfer of possible evidence )
    i'd take his id with me as i leave the scene
    and see if there is any mention of this " incident " in the paper
  14. Clyde

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    In Michigan, once you shoot is your responsiblity to report. If you make attempts to help the "perps", as awful as that sounds, the possiblity of being prosecuted for some sort of crime will drastically diminish since you had to use lethal force, but tried to save lives thereafter ..... just like the police do (ok, not meant to create anti police threads).
  15. monkeyman

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    Yup, 'I was scared for my life and my wifes and HAD to shoot them but then preformed CPR (reason to be SURE you shreaded the heart and or brain before they fell) because I didnt WANT to hurt anyone, I just wanted to save my wife and my own life' is a lot less likely to get you tried, much less convicted (especialy if the carry was legal) than 'well I didnt think anyone saw me shoot the trash and I didnt feel like being hasseled dealing with a police report and such if I didnt have to'.

    The mag dumped into them (while verticle) was simply because they didnt stop at first and you were so scared you just kept shooting untill they stoped, which of coarse made SURE the CPR was futile and there was only 1 story to be told. Run and get caught and youre HOSED for sure stay and call it in and you will most likely (depending on jurisdiction and if the other guy lives to testify) get clear of all lawsuits and may well not even be charged at all criminaly.
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