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    Hello everyone, my name is Michael. Something about this forum caught my attention and I'm very glad I stopped in. Last year I bought a used copy of the 1599 Geneva Bible and noticed that there was a .pdf file of the 1560 here. So, I downloaded it. I thank whomever is responsible. Sorry, I haven't really got any names yet. I also have a copy of the Wycliffe Bible. My main interest is in survival and prophecy forums. I always like to hear the opinions of others with a similar mindset. I usually start by posting a new thread, but since I need 5 posts first, it may be a couple days. Also, I'm not sure if this forum has any savvy gun people, but I was thinking on getting a gun for personal protection sometime and was looking for some good tips. Thanks in advance, Michael
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree, pick out a branch and set a spell.... Just don't try and filch any of Falcon15's bananas....
    Lots go good weapons and firearms folks here'bouts, just as in the FireArms forum. ...... YMMV.......
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    Glad you got to download my 1560!

    You should be able to start new threads even before your 5th post. Ask away

    Welcome to the monkey.
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    Thanks for the download. It is truly a treasure. I especially like the notes that are added throughout. I don't agree with all the interpretations they give, but it really lets you get a feel for the people and the time they lived in. The KJV 1611 use to be my favorite, until I got the 1599 Geneva. I would imagine the 1560 is almost the same as the 1599. If you think about it for a minute, I could see how people might not want the 1611 in those days. It would be like our Government sponsoring a Bible for the people and deciding who could work on it and what it said. Who would want that? The Geneva is more of an opposition text, one by the people, and for the people, or so it feels. Thanks again. Michae1
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    Mike, welcome aboard. Yes, we have gun information, along with the scoop on many other facets of thinking toward self sufficiency. We even have political rubbish and poor humor. Check the Tinfoil Hat Lounge for some prophecies, too.
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    I got an old war buddy lives up there in Indy... was there a couple years back for his wedding... that makes his 5th to date... getting where I need a score card to keep all those ladies straight...

    I dont put a whole lot of stock in prophecy myself, but I will say just looking around at the way things are right now... it wouldnt take a major event to cause a real SHTF
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    I love that screen name GrandpaDave. It sounds so friendly.
    I'm not too much into the tin foil hat brigade, but I like it. They have some interesting things to say.
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree Michae1,enjoy!
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    Thanks for the welcome. I like it here.
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