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    I am a lover of the outdoors. I am just about finished building my first off grid tree-cabin. Mainly for hunting and camping, but also a SHTF outpost. I have joined survival monkey to research anything and everything pertaining to my setup. Focusing on potential security.

    Need to know:
    12v solar battery bank w/ Inverter. (only 200 AH to start)
    Multiple trail cameras & signage
    State walk in hunting on two sides of property
    Locked state gates as well as locked private gates on all trails/roadways.
    Approximately 1 hour from home to my off grid cabin.
    Can only travel on weekends to check on the site.
    Cabin is not even complete, and I have had one person caught on my private property. Luckily nothing of value was there...yet.

    -Some type of motion sensor/camera setup to alert me via Internet/phone when sensors have been tripped.
    -Ways to deter trespassers other than signage.

    Any help would be appreciated. Trail cams can only do so much.

    I will start a new thread for my topic of discussion if needed, but this is the basic.

    Thanks to any and all that may reply.
    Glad to be here!
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    Welcome to the Monkey.

    Answers to all of your need to knows are here. If you don't find them after looking around, just ask...
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    Start here.[​IMG] ;)

    As for the game cameras, they are available for the money, and use a WiFi link to send you a photo every time they are triggered. They can go directly to a hard drive, or your phone, or both, but are way out of my price range (@500.00) last I checked. They are stealable, but are code locked and can not be used/programmed without the code. A "bear box" would keep it safe from any non-tool wielding bipeds, or quadrupeds, but are pretty obvious, as well (you might want to camo it.)
    Your solar set up COULD run the WiFi and cameras, but it would need a link to the web in cable, data/cell, or sat. (More money)
    Your land sounds alot like my own.
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  5. Motomom34

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    Hello @DLConcepts welcome to SM. One suggestion would be defensive planting. No one wants to go through thorn bushes. Planted strategically, it could funnel people away from your BOL. Nice looking tree house you built. I am sure the others will be along with suggestion.
  6. BTPost

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    I would point out that WiFi TrailCams, would need a Server, connected to the Internet, within WiFi Range, to be able to move those pictures to the Internet, and your CellPhone /Tablet..... If there is No Power, or little Power, at the Site, this just isn't going to be easy to make work.... I think I saw a CellPhone/TrailCam advertised somewhere, but I don't seem to be able find it... Even a CellPhone/TrailCam would need a fair CellPhone Signal, at the Site, to make this work.... I think the cheapest, and easiest thing would be, to document any intrusions with Pictures, with TimeStamps, and also "POST the Property"... Then when an intrusion is captured, present the documentation to the County Sheriff's Office.... Likely they will KNOW the Perp, as they are usually familiar with the local Thugs/Hoods, and with an Official Complaint, can proceed with an investigation...
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree @DLConcepts .. There has been lots of talk about BOL security.. Try doing a search, and use the tag's to find what you are looking for..
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    Hey man, Welcome to the tree's, Great view to take in!Fences Barbed wire.
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    welcome to the barrel of monkeys.

    Think principles of camouflage. A bit of a challenge for a tree house admittedly, but may help in reducing detection, and hence, curiosity from unwanted attention by strangers.

    Shine (reflectance is the new buzz word)
    Movement (of livestock, vehicles, personnel)
    (add odours and light discipline)
    House keeping (don't leave attractive stuff in plain view)


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    Welcome to the info treasure trove that's cleverly disguised as a monkey tree.
    Hang around awhile.
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  13. DLConcepts

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    I'm thinking something like this would be handy, as cell reception is not a problem. Adding a couple phones to my current plan would be well worth the $$. Much cheaper than a $500-700 trail camera. If not, more trail cameras hidden on the interior/exterior might suffice, but not for immediate detection.
    I'm also think of making a sign that says "Congratulations! If you've made it this far you and your vehicle have been caught on at least two of multiple trail cameras, you are trespassing, and by reading this sign you have just E-mailed a picture of your face to my phone. You will soon be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."
  14. BTPost

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    If those ARE Truely what you are paying for TrailCameras, you need to find a better source.... I can buy them ALL Day long for less that $150US....
  15. kellory

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    No way I'd pay that. Regular trailcams run from @$80-$200 or so. Those that have reporting/transmitter capability run much higher.
    Most cameras just record to an SD card.
  16. DLConcepts

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    Oh no, just a misunderstanding. I already have multiple regular SD trail cams. I am speaking of the trail cams that have built in 3G wireless signals that you can have send photos directly to your phone. Much pricier than the standard.
  17. kellory

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    A simple notice inside the battery cover reading " camera 3 of 8. Did you really think you found them all?" And post only 2-3 each covering a part of eachother, means whoever steals it is caught on at least one camera doing so. And he has no idea how many pics he left behind.
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    Welcome to our little part of the web...
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    Welcome to the Monkey!! A great premise to discuss, security issues are always of interest here.
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    1st welcome to the monkey troop! my thoughts on camera's etc. let's say you have cameras set up and you have pictures of the trespassers. Now what?I say this because if you are far enough away that you can't immediately go out and run them off, the cameras do you no good. The state and city authorities. Ouldnt even get people to pay traffic tickets from photo surveillance speed camera's. So getting a conviction for trespass will be next to impossible.

    I'm saying this because I've dealt with the trespass issue and unless you are in danger, other people can pretty much do what they want on your land. Good fenses, particularly a good entrance gate with good locks are you least expensive and best option.
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