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    been a prepper since before it was the in thing to be. i have covered everything from food,firearms,power and bugging out.

    i'm not much up on joining sites and showing off what i do, but i will tell you this. i keep at least 20 laying hens, rabbits for meat,goats and a few calves i fatten up green feeding. i put two in the deep freeze when they get 900 pounds and sell the others. i normally make some money on the rearend of the cattle along with filling our deep freezes.

    i do a bit of gunsmithing. i shoot in rifle matches and pistol matches.i'm a firm believer in the right to bear arms to say the least.

    i live in kentucky. that is about as close as i will get to saying where i live.
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree.
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    thanks as long as nobody poops in thier hand and throws it at me[peep]!!!!
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    Be careful which branch you perch on ---. [stirpot]
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    alpha dog,

    i like your avitar!!! ethylandindoorgardenpictures007.

    my grandparentsbred american pitbulls, my parents bred american pitbulls and she is my third. if she gets bred it will take another colby to do it, and it will be just for me to keep a pup out of them. she's never spent the night outside since i got her as a puppy. she lived through parvo. the vet was amazed at her will to live when she was a puppy.

    she's the best dog i have had. she helps me round up the goats and cattle like a true farm dog. people are amazed that a pure bred pitbull will work like she does and not attack anything but intruders in the house.

    lord have mercy on anybody who hurts our 7 month old baby becuase ethyl sure won't. she protects our family unlike any of the other pits we've ever had. she is a truely amazing animal.
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