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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by fritz_monroe, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. fritz_monroe

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    Hello folks. New to the forum and fairly new to preparing for whatever.

    My wife and I prepared after 9-11. We put aside a couple weeks of food and water. We also set aside some basic tools. But time went by and the food and water started expiring without us rotating in new stock. Now, a couple years later, we are looking at what is happening in the world, and how the overall value of life seems to be dropping, we decided that it is time to prepare again.

    So, this week, we set aside some food. Not much, but enough for a couple days. We also ordered an [url="http://www.aquapodkit.com/]Aqua Pod Kit[/url], I figure it isn't worth much in a long term situation, but if we are stuck for a couple days, it will really help. I've also made up a list of some of the tools that we may find useful. I'll be gathering that stuff over the next couple days. Then each week, we will be putting aside a bit more food and water.

    I'm looking forward to soaking up all the knowlege around here.
  2. Blackjack

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    Welcome to the Monkey!

    A bit at a time, like your doing, is really the best way imo. That way it doesn't become overwhelming.
  3. RightHand

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    Welcome fritz. Glad you joined us. Sounds like you're making a good start. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.
  4. ghrit

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    Hey Fritz -- Are you anywhere near Rt. 15 at the VA border?
  5. fritz_monroe

    fritz_monroe Guest

    Nope, I'm up north of Baltimore.

    I've been reading a bit lately, and it can get overwhelming. I'm planning for the short term at the moment. Eventually I'd like to get to the point of having a stockpile that contains staples like corn, wheat and beans that will last quite a while. But for now, the short term will have to do.

    Any suggestions on where to get bulk grain in Maryland? Prefably north of Baltimore.
  6. Blackjack

    Blackjack Monkey+++

    Have you checked online. http://www.homegrownharvest.com/grains.html

    They are in GA, but they ship and...
    They have EVERYTHING! Even amaranth grain in bulk. Check their information page for a shipping calculator.
  7. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Feel free to ask lots of questions.

    We always try to help out the new to preps
  8. AlterEgo

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    Welcome to the Monkey [beer]

    The wife and I sat down a couple of months ago and decided instead of saving FRN's every month, we would stock up on the things that we would need that can never go bad in the future.

    She works in a supermarket and can tell you that prices are shooting up and things will never be the same. Living in hurricane alley we have always have had quite a storage of foodstuffs, but lacked the long term storage of items like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, toothpaste, clothes, shoes etc:. (note: we shop consignment for a lot of clothes).

    If you can afford it you should consider a fairly fast pace in stocking up. Time is running out I'm afraid.

  9. sheen_estevez

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    Start for short term, plan for a extra week, then a extra 2 weeks so on until you have the stock you want to have. You need to come up with a rotation schedule, new things go to the back and pull up the rest, this way you are using what you buy but not letting it go bad. Look at your storage and how you can set up the rotation. This is important, like you said the first time food went bad, you get discouraged and stop trying.

    The other thing you have to ask yourself is what you are stocking up for? There are different levels you can take this, from just not being able to get out of your house for a few days to a total melt down of everything we know as normal.
  10. fritz_monroe

    fritz_monroe Guest

    Thanks again for the welcome.

    I'm not a doom and gloom kind of person, but I do see society changing. I feel that life is becoming less valuable every year. From the school shootings, to terrorism. I don't think that there will be a total melt down. So I'm preparing for being stuck inside for a week or 2. I'll make sure that I get a couple months of food stocked up, I figure if something happens, things settle down in that amount of time. Once I get a couple months, then I'll work on getting it farther than that.

    I do have a question for the others here, what are you preparing for?
  11. RightHand

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  12. sheen_estevez

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    I think you will find that once you have the supplies for 3-6 months for the most part you will be ready for just about anything. besides food don't forget about meds, TP, soap/cleaning supplies, if you have pets don't forget about them too.

    Good luck and ask any question, you'll get lots of help and advise from this group
  13. fritz_monroe

    fritz_monroe Guest

    Thanks for pointing me to that poll. I actually read that post, but I've read so much lately I didn't recall if it was here or on another site.

    We'd fall into the local short term SHTF crew. I feel that besides natural disasters, rioting would be the most likely cause of the problems.

    Actually, the first thing on the shelf was TP, paper towells, feminine products and dog food.

    What are FRNs?
  14. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Federal Reserve Notes. Some of us don't hold them in high regard these days, but they may come in useful along the way.
  15. Tracy

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    Welcome to the Board!
  16. monkeyman

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    Welcome aboard.

    FRNs=Federal Reserve Notes=US dollars as most of us are used to them.

    On the preps, the bigest thing I would advise (since Ive seen the trouble some have when they forget it) is a common prepers adage, 'stock what you eat and eat what you stock'. Basicly just to say, dont worry (especialy unless you really get into preping for SEVERAL months to years) about tons of beans and rice and so on if you dont normaly eat those things, just make sure that when you go to the store and buy your groceries, as you can afford to, instead on 1 of each item buy 2 or 3 on the things that will keep for at least a month or 2 on the shelf. That way, regardless if its a winter storm, civil unrest, temporary loss of income or whatever, if you ned your preps you arent trying to figure out what to do with 300 pounds of dry beans and rice if you rarely/never eat them in normal times. From there just remember to put the new stuff in the back and use from the front and you wont have to worry about the stuf ever going bad.

    As far as what I prep for, I prep in a NON-specific maner to try to be sure we have plenty of food with means to replenish it (garden and small livestock like chickens, rabbits goats etc.), means to protect ourselves and basicly just to rely on outside sources and stores and money for our needs as little as possible. I figure that way, no matter if the S that Hits TF is being out of work for a while, bad weather, civil unrest, recession/depression, end of the world or whatever, if we can feed, shelter and defend our selves then we can get by rather than being so focused on a particular threat that we prep to THAT situation and wind up NOT being prepaired for the situation that surprises us at all. There are folks on here that pretty much run the spectrum though from preping for bad weather and such all the way through some who are preped for total NBC (neuclear/biological/chemical) warfare and a meltdown of the world and from those preping in general to some who focus more on specific threats. The bigest comonality though is that nearly all here are helpful and knowledgable in their own areas and willing to share their knowledge with those willing to ask.

    So hope to hear lots of questions as well as thoughts or suggestions.
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