Hello from New Mexico

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by nmpops, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. nmpops

    nmpops Monkey+++

    Been lurking for awhile so it was time to join. I'm a member of other similar forums. Hope I can contribute.

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  2. Sapper John

    Sapper John Analog Monkey in a Digital World

    Welcome to the tree...
  3. Col.Conover

    Col.Conover Monkey+

    Welcome from Arizona
  4. GrandpaDave

    GrandpaDave Monkey++

    Hey someone from back home....
    I was born and rased there in Dulce...

    For a while the wife and I were living in Albuquerque... now that's gotten to be a rought town to live in....

    we often talk about moving back... maybe... right after I win the powerball LOL
  5. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    hola mi amigo
  6. mikeh53

    mikeh53 Monkey+

    Hello from SW Indiana
    live hear now but, my home is a little town in NM, Carrizozo!
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