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    Hello everyone from the southern tier of NY. My name is wayne and I just found this site while doing a search for survivalist forums. I have been into survival or "prepping" for a little over 15 years now. Over those years I have amassed a tidy collection of goodies and supplies. I have gone off on excursions of a month or more many times over the years and have put my learnings to the test. Many were successful....some were not.
    I also enjoy firearms and own many. My favorite is the AR platform however I own many other rifles and shotguns as well (AK's, FAL's, Enfields, remmy's, Winchesters, etc).
    I have a small farm and plenty of land, natural water supplies, and woods with plenty of wild game.
    I live in a VERY small town. It consists of a Fire station (that I am a member of) a Church (that I am a member of), 3 dairy farms, and about 2 dozen houses. Lucky for me, many people in town are like minded with me so I am incredibly happy with where I have chosen to hunker down if the SHTF. I hope to learn new ideas from you folks and I also hope to share my experience with you as we discuss the things that interest us.
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    Welcome to our Monkey Tree, you will feel right at home here, sounds like....
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    Welcome. Sign a gas lease yet?
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    No I have not.
    Dont think I will ever either. My property borders the Chenango river which is a protected waterway for the Chesapeke watershed and the NYS DEC has ensured that all regulation will prohibit any drilling/fracking near or on my land.
    While I would like the financial winfall it would provide, I dont think I could reconcile that with the destruction it would do to my land and the game that runs freely around here.
    All in all, I wouldnt sign any lease and would go to great lengths to protect my land.
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    Welcome Wayne,you are in the right tree...
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