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    Hello everyone!

    I've been lurking (and learning) for the last 2 months or so, decided it was time to actively participate.

    I live about 35 miles east of Cleveland in a very rural area. My home is on a 7.5 acre lot, surrounded by forest. While I've always been interested in preparedness (from my USAF EOD days) I decided to do something about it after seeing what happened in Japan recently.

    While I've owned a Benelli 12ga Shotgun (and several thousand, varied rounds) for the last two years, I recently purchased a Ruger 10/22 Carbine and Mk III Competiton pistol based on my studies here. I continue to collect ammo and other related equipment.

    My basement stays between 65-70 degrees (thank you Geothermal) so I've set up an area to store food, medical, water, ammo, etc. Thus far I've set aside (or purchased) the following:

    1. Case of chunk tuna in water
    2. Case of canned lean, smoked ham
    3. Case of chunk, white turkey meat
    4. Case of chunk, white chicken
    5. Several cans of canned bacon (expensive! [punch])
    6. Powdered eggs
    7. Four cases of bottled water
    8. Canned green beans, corn, peas, carrots
    9. Canned peaches, fruit cocktail
    10. Dehydrated hash browns
    11. White rice (this was most interesting to me)
    12. Precooked Dehydrated Pinto Beans
    13. Two Dietz #20 oil lanterns (with a gallon of lamp oil, extra wicks: should I be using kerosene?)
    14. Coleman propane lantern (need extra bottles)
    15. Assorted medical (mostly first aid, no tooth extractions yet)
    From my military duty, I still have (but need to find) my machete, K-bar, cook stove, canteens, etc.

    I'm lucky to have a 50KVA diesel generator with an automatic switch, but the hundred gallon tank will only run the genny about four days continously. I'm also concerned about the noise it will make during a SHTF scenario. I'm on a well and septic, but the pump only works with electricity. I looked at this as an option, but it seems kinda pricey.

    During the summer, I grow my own vegetables, but only in a small, raised garden bed. I've considered cultivating several acres. My home is surrounded by wild game (turkeys, deer, rabbits, squirrel) but I still need to learn how to properly dress and clean anything I shoot. I also want to learn how to can my surplus produce.

    My plan is to spend $50-$100/month until I've set aside 3 months of supplies that I would normally use, and rotate products out/in as they approach a safe expiration date.

    I'm a complete newb (compared to you folks!) when it comes to food storage (learned wilderness and arctic survival in the Air Force) but am learning more every day here.

    Thank you to all, for all your contributions!

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    Do a post over in the Off-Grid Forum on your Generator Noise Problem, and we can discuss, a solution, that you should be able to build yourself...
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    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest!

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    Your consideration of a "simple manual pump" is an excellent choice. A very close friend of mine has had one for years. You are right that they are not cheap. These things are built to last and perform for a very long time. Additionally they have capabilities to do things other similiar pumps can't. I ordered mine last week, and it was shipped yesterday. I have a 4 inch cased well 100 ft deep with water starting at 30 ft. My submersible is hung at 65 ft. The basic package that simple pump put together for me to hang at 55 ft came in cost wise at $1450 complete with free shipping to Florida. I added the optional 12vdc gear motor that can quickly (like 30 seconds) swap out with the manual hand pump. I plan to hook mine into the house pressure system. That optional gear motor was $820 more. I haven't got mine yet, but from what I have seen of my friends unit, I will be satisfied. My vote, is go for this purchase! a constant supply of water is essential to survival.
    I have a post here about canning bacon. Save yourself some money and check it out. Do a site search for "canning bacon" or peruse my posts started by me. By the way, I can most everything, PM and ask anything I will try to help or direct you to your answers.
    Your plan for the 3 months storage is a good start and plan. When you get there, consider 2 more things about food. #1 extending that storage plan to no less than one full years food. #2 Purchase heirloom seed for fruit and veggies that you will eat, and plant a garden over and over until you get it right and preserve your own produce and fruit, and save seed.
    Good luck, and welcome to the site.

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    Thank you for the welcome and the advice!

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