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    I'm from Ontario, Canada and have a 5 acre farm/homestead. I live with my wife and 3 kids. We currently have 10 hens (the 9 roosters were quite tasty) that give us eggs, 4 full grown ducks (2 rouens, 2 pekins), 2 baby ducks (1 rouen, 1 pekin), and a neigbour's calf (daughter nursed it back to health). We are about to give back the calf and get 6 ewes (pregnant and due in May).

    I am interested in survival, off-grid living, homesteading, DIY, and self-sufficiency. I'm looking to learn new things, share what I know and have fun while doing it. I hope to make some friendships along the way as well.

  2. ghrit

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    Welcome aboard, Long John Silver. You've come to the right place.
  3. BTPost

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    Welcome.... Glad to have you here...
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    I used to go to Ottawa all the time... knew a really nice gal up there, Once... Or was it Twice???
    Nice to have you with us
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  6. Cephus

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    WELCOME !!
  7. cdnboy66

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    Hey, welcome to a fellow Canuck!
    I was once from Ontario the Beautiful. Miss it from time to time.
    I won't ask you where you are, but I bet it's awesome.

    Unless of course you are in Thunder Bay...just kidding. TB is awesome too.
  8. VisuTrac

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    Welcome Neighbor to the south. (Windsor is south of Detroit)
    and north and east too.

    Grab a branch !
  9. Keith Mann

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    Hi EJ

    Hello, EJ. I'm a fellow Ontarian. Sounds like you're living the sort of lifestyle my wife and I talk about all the time!
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