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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Robb, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Home of the wayward state senators.

    Just found this site, looks great so far!
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    Howdy there. Lots of great information on off grid living here with a touch of reality, too.
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    Welcome to the show!
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    I just joined myself. Welcome from the Pacific Northwest!

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    Say Bat1, I see yer from Texas. Is there any place down there where myself and my wifey and maybe one or two of my co-workers (all active military types) can go and hunt wild pigs at a reasonable cost? Seems like I hear about farmers wanting them off their land in the worst way, and no good way to get rid of 'em, but then I see landowners charging $1000 to hunt their land or some crazy per pound prices. I'm not against people charging for use of their land, but it seems like if the pigs were such a huge problem, they'd be begging hunters to come take them out.
    All of our freezers are a bit thin this year as the deer hunt was less than successful.
    Any advice?
  8. BAT1

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    Hi Robb. I would put out an ad in Craigslist, 'we'll rid your property of hogs'. They might let you hunt them for the meat just to get rid of them. They also advertise for hog hunting trips there to, but like you say, it's easy to spend $1000.00 per week end on hunts. The bigger the acreage, = more hogs. Check out state land hunts too.
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