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    Not sure if I am supposed to post this here, but here it goes:

    A little about me:
    I have been wild boar hunting guide for the last 15 years, guiding hunts on ranches all over South Texas. I have hunted boar all over the south, from the swamps in the Calcasieu river bottoms of Louisiana to the palmetto flats in Florida, and in between, with a bow, rifle, pistol, but mostly with dogs and a knife. I raise a breed of dog, created in Argentina for hunting wild boar, jaguars and puma which I use for hunting boar. My main firearm which I have carried for years on those hunts to protect my clients, was a Ruger Blackhawk in .44 Mag.

    My family on my dad's side come from the Black Hills of South Dakota, so I spent some of my youth roaming around the mountain country up there, hunting, trapping and camping, survival living, and learning respect for cold and deep snow.

    Guiding and hunting in rough country, I learned a lot about 4x4's, repairing, customizing, and maintaining them, and what to look for if you want a vehicle to hold up to tough work, not playing. I am fan of lever action rifles, and single action pistols for hunting, at least the kind of hunting I do, in thick brush.

    Also, I spent a couple of years in the army, back in the late 80's, MOS 45-Bravo, small arms repair. Never saw any action, but I have all the respect the world for those those that have.

    I am looking forward to contributing to the board, in any of those areas where I have useful experience!

    Rex Lee

    P.S. I go by Pistolero on a couple other boards, but that name was taken here...

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    Welcome to the forums... need to try some of the russian boars that are near my place... they hang out near the river bottoms...
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    Rex Lee, welcome from Northwest Pa. I've done some boar hunting in west Virginia and had a great time. What breed of Dog did You use for Your hunts? We used pit bulls.
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    I use a breed of dog from Argentina that was created especially for hunting large, dangerous game (Wild boar, Jaguar and pumas) called the Dogo Argentino. The breed was started in the early 1900s and is made up of 10 different breeds (English Pointer, Great Dane, Dogue de Bordeaux, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, English Bulldog, English Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, and a now extinct breed called the Fighting Dog of Cordoba.)

    Basically they look like a 3/4 size Great Dane with the muscles and head of a pit. They were BIG upgrade over the pits we used to use. Check them out, they are pretty cool.
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    Welcome aboard.
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