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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by mountainfoxx, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Hello to all Forum Members.I am new at prepping and being a survivalist, any suggestions on where to start would be highly appreciated. I have collected a few things so far such as: My fully outfitted Screamin Eagle Bow (which i use the most), a .300 WIN MAG dubbed "The Boomstick" by my 2-year old, 500 rounds of ammo, a Noaa weatherband radio/flashlight/Cellphone Charger and some MRE's from my Marine Nephew. Not alot but a start, thanks for letting me join.
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    Welcome !!!

    However..colorer me confused as to mountainfoxx/flordia moniker.
    How can this be...?
    I remain dazed and confused in Bayou land. Bon Jour'
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    HAHAHAHA, I am a Florida transplant. I was born, raised and lived in the mountains of Virginia untill about 8 months ago. It was my wifes idea, i can blame it fully on her and believe me it has taken some getting used to being on flatland.biglaff
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree!
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    What he said. Just stay away from Falcon15's bananas.
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    Welcome Mountainfoxx [mex] --I was a Florida dweller for quite a few years, loved it. I found that I had difficulty storing food due to the weather, but my stocks of MRE's and freeze dried goods held up fine. The heat will lessen the life overall, but for at least ten years or so, maybe more, you're good to go. Water would be my greatest concern down there. Apply lots of thinking to reclamation if you're planning to bug-in, water containers and water filtration no matter what, also water treatment and some good portable filtering devices for a bug-out. That would be my primary concern at this point.

    We have all kinds of topics on all of this on the forums here. If you can't find what you're looking for, just drop a question in the Shoutbox on the main forum page or send @ghrit at least two messages per hour until he responds. Three wouldn't hurt...add a fourth for good luck.
    ETA -- No need, someone will catch on. - ghrit
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    Gilchrist County here. You salt water fish much? Welcome to the Monkey tree.
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    Take it slow and methodical in order of what you need to stay alive: air, shelter, water, food, etc (not necessarily in that order depending on geographic region) Self defense is important but if you only have weapons without food, you'll naturally become a looter/thief when you realize you have no food.
    Around here, we're better armed than the looters/thieves so that option is short lived (pun intended) :)
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