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    We found you on the Internet and thought we were the only people to feel that a critical imbalance of food demand and food supply is coming. It nice to know there are others.

    We feel this so strongly, that we now have made it our life’s mission to become prepared. We feel this crisis will peak sometime by the year 2030 leaving large groups of people without enough access to food. We picked this date because we see populations grow, especially in developing countries. We see food production affected by changing weather, the increasing price of oil, dwindling supplies in fish\crops, collapse of the U.S. dollar, hyperinflation, and global debt. These two forces will cause the demand for food to outstrip supply by the year 2030.

    We had a choice either become a Grower, a Hoarder or a Dept of Homeland Security Detainee. Regardless of how much food we hoard, there is a limit and we sure are not about to be detainees.

    We have chosen to become a Grower and share our knowledge and experiences with others. We call our program – The Art of Sustainable Living. It is how to grow food and be self-reliant whether you live in an apartment, condo, and house. You do not have to be a farmer.

    We have just purchased 80 acres, End of the Road Ranch, with one mile of Siletz River front for primitive campsites. We plan to develop a Self Reliant Education Center, not a working Ranch.

    Preparedness knowledge is so important that we do not feel that we could charge any fees for Self Reliant knowledge, but do ask the campers, with their labor to help us build the Center, which include building a 200 yard firing range.

    Since I just turned 74 and no permanent community is planned, this building may take a while, but I will post more later about our progress. Any Oregonians that want to camp, fish and help, give us a shout.

    Our user name is Taxmoms because we are retired Tax Professionals.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree TaxMoms... Pick out a branch, and look around. We have a lot of good Folks, out in Oregon, including a few of the Founders. Lots of good information posted here-bouts as well.... ..... YMMV....
  3. Quigley_Sharps

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    Welcome Aboard
    From the other side of Oregon.
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    We Live in Siletz Oregon

    We are on an 80-acre Ranch outside of the town of Siletz, Oregon along the side of the Siletz River. Siletz is 15 miles from Newport Oregon.

    We have plenty of water


    We have plenty of fish.

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    Welcome to taxmoms

    Welcome, TAxmoms...nice fish. You seem to have a nice bit of paradise to call you own. Best wishes with your educational endeavours.

    Cheers from Chello
  6. Welcome Taxmoms from a fellow Oregonian, Proud of it to. I'd be interested in finding out more about your endeavor. I happen to be an avid fisherman also! By the way this is a great site I learn a little every day!
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    Nice fish- we will be over in a bit :)
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    Welcome taxmoms! Beautiful property.
  9. Quigley_Sharps

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    What does a guy have to do for fishing permission from that land? I love to Steelhead fish.
  10. BTPost

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    Talk to Pax Mentus.... He is down on the Rogue River, and would know EXACTLY what is required.....
  11. ghrit

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    Landowner permission?
  12. Quigley_Sharps

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    River access from that 80- acres.
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