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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Mina, Feb 19, 2007.

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    Hello everyone. I just decided to sign up, found this site tonight and spent over an hour writing down how to survive nuclear fallout in my journal:) . I've always appreciated knowledge, especially things that could save my life some day. I'm only 20, but I grew up around guns, hunting, fishing etc, so I'm not completely unfamiliar with some of the basics for survival. I guess I'm just trying to say hello, and that I hope to learn a lot more here :)
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    Welcome to the monkey Mina.

    There is a lot of info to digest in the archives. It's good your getting your feet wet at an early age. Just don't forget there are a lot of emergency scenarios besides (and more likely) than nuclear fallout to prep for. You'll find just about every topic imaginable in the archives, and if you can't find something, start a new thread. There's a lot of really helpful people hangin around here.
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    Hehe, didn't mean to come off sounding as paranoid. I just have a journal thing full of fun information, like how to get skunk smell out of things. And kung-fu movies to watch some day. I thought it was interesting and worth writing down. I somehow found my way here looking for survival stuff for camping, and got lost down a tangent. The people here seem nice and intelligent, and I hope I found a forum I can feel comfortable participating in. Thanks for the quick reply :)
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    No, no, you didn't sound paranoid at all. Jump in when you feel comfy, It's a pretty friendly bunch.
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    Welcome Mina. We hope you'll feel comfortable here too.
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    Welcome to the Board, Mina!
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    Welcome to the Monkey!

    A couple of things to remember as you get older:

    Being paranoid insures that you are always the center of attention, and

    Being schizophrenic means you always have someone to talk to!

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    [winkthumb] Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome aboard
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    Welcome to the Board!
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