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  1. CrazySingleMom

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    Hey there,

    Just thought I would post a quick note to somewhat introduce myself here (y)
    I've only recently started trying to prepare for the future. However with 3 kiddos in tow (by myself) and limited (to say the least!) funds its going to be a slow process. . . . I've started stocking up on some basic medical supplies, some food, and am building BOB bags.

    I have been reading for awhile now, and trying to teach my kiddos a few things as I go, however they are not old enough for much yet .. *sigh*

    Hope to enjoy reading, and learning, and maybe being able to contribute here as we all head into the unknown.

  2. CRC

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    Welcome to the Board......:)

    Trust me, it can be done on limited funds...just takes a tiny bit longer...;)
    I've found resources in the community I didn't even know existed and use them all the time...Will be glad to PM them so you know what to look for.....
    Read around, and ask questions...You have a ton of knowledge here and people who have been preparing for many years....The threads on here are plenty, thorough, and well thought out....People are more than willing to share their experience, and their strengths and knowledge....just ask. :)

    Enjoy! :)
  3. Quigley_Sharps

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    welcome aboard
  4. CrazySingleMom

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    Thank you both for the quick and warm welcome :D

    Please do send your suggestions for resources ... I live in a small city, but have a couple larger ones (one is college filled) near enough we shop there most the time.

  5. melbo

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    Welcome. You've taken a good first step in reaching out for advice.
  6. bnmb

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    Welcome! Everything can be done on tight funds, and it doesn't have to be slow process...

    OK...Now I'll hijack this thread..

    I know it's not "proper" to talk about money, but since I'm from Macedonia, and our standard sucks bigtime, I'll tell you what I did...And fast...
    In US you can get any weapons you like with any ammo you like...here not...only black market guns, but ammo is bigger problem. So, I got me a decent but cheap bow with dirt cheap fiberglass arrows, one crossbow gun and two air rifles 6.35mm (25 cal) that can kill even deer (saw people doing it). I got tons of pellets for the guns and spare springs. Got few knives and machettes (quite few, I'm a knife freak...a genetic thing... :D)
    Water is first priority...basically, water is everywhere, but drinking quality could be a problem. I don't want to depend on anything modern that could quickly dissapear in SHTF, so, I learned how to make BioSand filter that gives enough certainty of drinking water in SHTF. Secondly, I stored 50 kilos of Natrium ChlorITE and Calcium HypochlorITE, which can both be used for water purification and serve as wound disinfectant, skin disinfectant and even as an antibiotic. I also stored 50 kilos of baking soda, 100 kilos of salt and 100 kilos of sugar. Stored 25 kilos of honey, bought from beekeepers, not companies, and made sure it's completely solid. Everything is double packed in thick black garbage bags with soldering seal and properly labeled.
    Here we make some sort of home-made pasta, which is dried and crushed in small 1 centimeter pieces and then packed and sealed. This lasts for at least 3 years, and we ate a portion 3 years old few days ago, and it was perfect! For 4 people to get completely stuffed takes 50 grams, and I stored 50 kilos. I bought 2 plastic black containers for water, 1 tonne each and will be filling them and sealing them soon. Refilling in 6 months. I stocked 25 kilos of mixed spices for food preparation, and 25 liters of Apple Vinegar. I also stocked 25 kilos of sea salt.
    Forgive me for jumping around stuff, but I write as I remember what I have...
    Since I'm commie thief, I downloaded tonnes of books and printed out everything I thought I might need... :D ...You will, ofcourse, buy the books and maps you need...
    Plant seeds are dirt cheap here, and we don't have any of that GM, hybrid crap here...all heirloom seeds, and I'm getting a ton of those, any plant species I can put my hands on! I'm getting a dozen of large plastic buckets of different sizes and 2 steel drums for grills and smokers. I got various tools, like 2 axes, 2 wood saws with spare blades, 2 steel saws with spare blades, large set of wood and steel files, 2 hammers, various pliers, screwdrivers and any tool I could put my hads on it, including manual drills and bits. Also got various screws, nails, ropes (a LOTS of ropes and strings), good stash of various needles and threads, scissors, superglue, duck tape, a good supply of soaps. I got me a set of stainless steel pots and pans and Chinese wok. Dozen of solid plastic flower pots for indoor vegetable planting, and books, books, books... I have a certain amount of cans, like mostly meat products and different peas, while I'm also storing 100 kilos of beans, little salted and sealed. All the food stuffs I have will last at least 3 years, only beans might require cooking little longer than usually...I'll get equipment for making alcohol, and you can make alcohol from almost anything! Alcohol would be my primary heating fuel in the winter, and being self-sufficient is the name of this game! I wanted to get a wood stove also, but no room in the house for it...yet..
    I have lots of other things too, but these are the most important...BUT...knowledge IS the most important thing of them all!
    I'm not getting any diesel or petrol generators for 2 reasons...first is the possibility of running out of fuel, second is that I'm not that stupid to turn on roaring generator in silent city! It would be like calling all the zombies at your house...Instead, I'm getting a room bike, or orbitrek and making generator out of it...completely silent!
    You might want to reconsider bugging out with 3 kids... As you can see, I'm prepping to stay put, and will move only if I absolutely must! And I forgot another thing...Kalium Iodide pills...yes, I'm paranoid, but if nukes start to fly, I'd rather have it...

    I'm sure I forgot a lot of things...If you need any help, or have any questions, please feel free to ask...We will try and help you as much as we can...
    And BTW...all that I wrote above costed me around 1000 euros...what's that? Like 1300$?...And average salary here is about 500$ a month...

  7. bnmb

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    Oh...and another thing...If anyone needs ANY assistance from me in ANY way, feel free to PM me or email me at will...
  8. CrazySingleMom

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    I have started looking for books, and info online that can be printed out ... its not easy to find that stuff free though?

    As for bug out vs bug in ... my plan at the moment is to stay put if at all possible ... kiddos would make going far hard ... however I do have some trustworthy friends and family around within a few miles that are at least on their own land not in the city itself, and would take us in provided we can get there.

    I have a Berkey light water filter that we already use, stuck on city water that STINKS. Short-term (or even semi-long term) that would work for water. I will also be stocking up on other ways to purify water.

    As for weapons ... I will not be buying a gun ... except maybe a pellet gun for hunting ONLY. It is totally against my beliefs to use any weapons against other humans no matter what they are doing or intending to do. I hope that even though I doubt most of you will understand or agree with this you can respect my stand on it. I do intend to get some pepper spray for basic defense. (as in to buy time to get away from threats) I will also be building up some tools (including knives).

    However as I think about storing for long-term I am faced with the issue of not knowing how long I will be living in this house ... and not owning it or the tiny lot of land its on.

    Currently I am working on increasing food storage and medical supplies then will tackle the other areas as I can.

  9. melbo

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  10. ghrit

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    You've a good start on the thinking and doing. Glad you are on the path of prepping, it can be a chore, and fun as well.
    Welcome aboard.
  11. CrazySingleMom

    CrazySingleMom Monkey+


    Thank you!!

    ghrit -

    I don't know ... my family does not have room for sure ... I have not really talked about this stuff with anyone but my Mom (and shes over an hr away) ... I'm stuck here til at least April (because of my lease) but may see about getting out of city once I can move. However I am not very optimistic due to $$ and credit issues. Where I am is stretching what funds I have pretty tight though.

    I may consider a 22 rifle or such at some point, however with being IN city limits and with my shortage of funds I don't know how quick that would be doable. Would prefer to wait (a gamble I know) on that for now.

    Prepping would be much more fun with more $$ to work with!! ... but yes it is work, but fun also.

  12. bnmb

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  13. Gray Wolf

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    Good to see you here CSM.
    Preparing does not have to be expensive, I buy oats in bulk, beans and rice too. The advantage to beans and rice is that together they form a complete protein, and only need to be boiled.
    You might start with some wheat, honey, dry milk, beans, rice, and sugar.
    Don't forget some kind of cooking oil. It may be a bland diet, but it will keep your family alive.
    Lentils are useful too, they can be cooked and eaten, or sprouted.
    Lots of good information on this site, and you have already found out how readily we respond to questions!
  14. -06

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    Mom, a lot of my preps are dry grains(corn, wheat, oats, milo) and pastas. I put it in barrels inside two food grade bags(individually sealed) and Oxygen purged with Argon. CO2 or Nitrogen will do just as well. With grains and cooking oils you can do lots of things. Add condiments and it even begins to taste better--lol. We have been at this many years and have about one and one half yrs. supply. Do not go at it "breakneck". Just buy an extra box of salt, pepper, sugar, etc. as you can afford it. Wish you were closer so you could come to our gatherings. This Oct. we will be grinding grains for flour/meal, processing a deer/goat, and a couple of chickens. We will be drying, canning, and freezing or making jerky of everything. Will have reloading class and a few other "survival" type classes. Will PM you with some specifics on putting up preps.
    On your decision to not own a firearm--Mom, you owe it to your children to be able to protect them. There are two legged animals out there that are much much more dangerous than any rabid dog or predator type animal. If you do not want them to face life as orphans please reconsider your position. A mother with two small children was found dead just two miles from me and I live in the country. It happens all the time to defenseless people. My best friend's wife fought off two who tried to kidnap her in a shopping center parking lot in broad daylight. She dropped her grocery bags, fell back onto her rear, and pulled her 38. They took off running and she let them go. They and others like them are still out there looking for those they can assault, rape, and/or kill.
  15. melbo

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    I agree -06 and planned to try to persuade CSM otherwise but didn't want to bombard her in her welcome thread.

    People get weird when they are hungry and realize that the Mom next door might have a few bags of bean stashed away.
  16. CrazySingleMom

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    Thanks, that site looks interesting

    Grey Wolf-
    Thanks for the welcome, I am impressed with all the quick and friendly replies so far :D
    I buy some things in bulk already, such as rice/oats/flour/granola/dried-fruit so am building up a small stock of what I use already in that area ;) In fact I have over 100 lbs of stuff sitting on my floor waiting to be put up right now .. :D
    Wheat though is out of the question for us, as we are all Gluten Free (youngest is almost certainly Celiac) I have read it keeps best, but it does not make sense to me to store what we do not eat.
    Thanks for reminding me about the oil and sugar though .. plan to start stocking up on them as I go to the store ... a bag or two here and there.

    A gathering of Preppers sounds interesting indeed, alas I am no where near the east coast (though I was raised on it).
    I appreciate your concern, however my beliefs are not likely to change. I am (as previously posted) however planning to get some OC pepper spray for just that sort of threat.
    I am working on putting up some dry goods, though storage room is limited and I don't own land or the house so I am limited also by that.

    Thanks again to all who have replied ... I am still reading ... and learning as much as I can. Knowledge will be so important in the coming years when disaster strikes so I am glad to be able to learn from others now.

  17. CrazySingleMom

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    melbo -
    Thanks for the kind thought, however I assure you I am not to be swayed in this area. Hopefully the next few months and years will remain safe although I am not blind enough to trust in that hope. Ideally I would like to get out of the city, and be able to trust anyone near to me. Only time will tell if that happens. I do however trust that God knows, and is able to care for me and my loved ones no matter what happens.

    While I do believe that doing what I can within reason to prepare is wise, I ultimately trust in God not my own efforts, or supplies .. etc.

  18. melbo

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    We are a pretty friendly bunch and always looking to assist someone new to the idea of preparations.

    Glad to have you here
  19. Tracy

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    Welcome to the Board.

    Rice/rice flour and potato flour is good to store for the future of someone with Celiac. You can find it in bulk, not at the overpriced health food store.

    It only takes a little $ to add up to a lot of security in knowing that your kids will be able to eat another night. Good for you for getting started!
  20. bnmb

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    And don't forget hand operated meat and grain mills or grinders...
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