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    Welcome to the board, nice blog.
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    Welcome Aboard.....
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    always like to see a new face here.
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    Welcome. Hope you have some good information and ideas to pass along. There is plenty here for you and lots of good and smart people to share with or learn from or both. I am not totally sure of what a libertarian is. Is that a consumer of liberty as in you like to have it daily? Haha. Just a lame joke. Okay. I think I am libertarian in some ways though I took that smallest quiz twice and one pointed to libertarian and the other pointed to centrist. Anyway, I just research those that I think would further the beliefs that I hold dear. I agree with you that there should be a protection for the right to arm bears. I mean, bears with arms. Oh wait, that should be bearing arms. Though whose arms I'm not sure. :D

    I fully think that the bearing of arms should be seen as an open or concealed action that is protected with the ability to 'keep' arms as in you legally owning them and they are at your desposal falls under the right to bear arms. I think that 'arms' should be an individual decision and not a federal one. If I want to own, keep and carry a pistol then by all rights I should be allowed to do so. Why? Simple. I would have one for protection, hunting and also as a conversational piece. Why protection? Not all people are good guys and sometimes cops are too slow. Why hunting? I like an occasional piece of deer meat. Seen any Krogers selling deer meat lately? Haha. Conversation piece? Sure. What if Jim crafts a tribute handgun to America and engraves a flag on there and even has some inlayed gold. Would be a nice thing to make conversation. After all, isn't that what all those liberals keep spouting? 'We need more dialogue.' See, there's a solution for 'em.

    Glad you found the site. Hope you enjoy your time here. Welcome again. Oh, and I do so love to ramble. :D


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    welcome aboard.
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    BTW, I like the sig.
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome !!!:)
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