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    Welcome to the board. I am very familiar with Mandeville. I worked in and around New Orleans, Slidell, Mandeville and Covington for several years.
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    Rayarthart, you found my hiding spot. Ahahahahaha.... Good site here. Everyone is friendly and definitely outspoken. Myself included. You'll find some very useful information and helpful people. I used to live in Mandeville. Was born in Independence and lived in Ponchatoula as well. Since then have lived a lot of different places and San Franpsycho it is for now, as you already know. Welcome.
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    I was in the Covington area after Katrina. A buddy of mine's brother lives there so we went down from Memphis to help him out. He took us on a "tour" of Old Mandeville, or what was left of it.

    Again, welcome, and have fun

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    That's ashame. I always liked Mandeville, nice quiet little town. There was a great place to eat catfish in LaCombe off of 190 between Slidell and Mandeville, I bet it's not there anymore.
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