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    Hello. My name is Bethany. I've been interested/involved in prepping since about 2008. I have been on several different forums in those 7 years, under a different username though. I'm 1.5 years married, we have full custody of my 9 year old stepson and I stepped down from my job as a trauma/ER nurse to homeschool kiddo through a few years of school. (For the record, working Level 1 trauma center is less stressful than doing accelerated homeschooling for a 9 year old starting to go through puberty.) Due to career and custody arrangements we live in the suburbs for now. Though with the rate of urban sprawl in our area its getting harder and harder to not live in the suburbs.
    I'm interested in checking out the forums, getting to know everyone, and getting back into the world of preparedness.
  2. Tully Mars

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    Glad to have you on board. Lots of friendly folks here with knowledge to share!
  3. Ganado

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    Welcome! There is alot you can do even living in an urban area. Don't let location stop you from achieving your goals!
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    Yes, yes you can. I try to keep that in mind, though the apartment complex we live in currently tries to beat the life out of us :)
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    Welcome to our Monkey Tree @BC22 .... You are in Good company here, and will find plenty of information and other monkeys with similar interests... First suggestion is to contact Mrs Sunshine @Tracy and get access to the HomeSchool forum.... We have a number of RNs around here, including @alaskachick who happens to be my wife. She is a Senior Staff Member with MDs w/o Boarders, as well as a semi-reTIRED High Risk Labor & Delivery Specialist.
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    Welcome aboard. Don't let your certs expire, they might come in useful along the way.
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    Welcome to the Monkey, BC!! Kudos to you on home schooling and that trauma center training is just the ticket, when times get hard.
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    Welcome. We're homeschooling, also, and we're in the burbs.
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    Ohhh, I have 3 points. Pray tell, what do I do with these points? Is it like "Whose Line Is It Anyway" where the points don't matter or do I get a stuffed monkey if I get enough points?:sneaky:
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  10. ghrit

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    Points are decoration, there's no particular value. About like a participation trophy.
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    Eh, I'll take them. I'm kind of a bling whore.
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    No Prizes, but they give others an idea, about frequency of a Users Postings... We also give 1 and 3 Year Users Acknowledgements.... This site was founded by a very small Group of Like Minded Individuals, because they just didn't like what they found on the other Sites, around.... They want a Family Friendly type site, and worked out the CoC Rules, and then selected a subset of MODs and Admins to keep things inline, with the CoC's and Intent of the Site. You will see a Founders Flag, on those Monkey's Avatars.... The site has grown, by addition of New Users, as well as more Posted Information, and it covers just about any area, one might have an interest in.... Again Welcome to the Tree. Pick out a branch, and have a good Look around.... I think you will LIKE what you find. don't be shy about posting, and sharing your Knowledge Base. That is what this site is really ALL ABOUT....
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    LOL! welcome to the monkey @BC22. Love it, we maybe preppers but can never have enough bling. Good for you on homeschooling.I think that would be tough but a worthwhile endeavor. I would go nuts having to stay home but I truly admire those that do.
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    Welcome to the Monkey @BC22 !!!
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  16. BC22

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    I've found the key to my sanity is that we only do school from 8-3, 3 or 4 days a week and then when we finish a grade, we take 4 weeks off. We take off every other Monday and every Friday. Mondays we do an educational field trip, Fridays I sleep in or we do errands and appointments. Luckily the only kiddo is 9 and is fairly self-sufficient, unless the milk is new and unopened.
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    Welcome here from the great State of Jefferson.
  19. Dont

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    Welcome @BC22 ... This is the place you have been searching for!! Keep an open mind and don't be afraid to wade into the fray.. No one bites to hard here, unless you stumble to close to the banana pile..
  20. kellory

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    I will never miss my years in an apartment. Stay and be welcome.
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