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    Try FT8 on HF :)
    I participated from Japan. I like survival, but there aren't many places to work. Due to the strict laws in Japan, few owners have an understanding of how to survive.
    I play citizens radio, which is my secondary hobby, but now I don't know if the other party is making a strong noise. For spectrum management, we use a vertical dipole of 27.144Mhz. If the SSN goes up, you can use the W number, but how about communicating with overseas now? The greeting has become longer, but thank you. Very kind.
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    Welcome! It may be difficult, but it will be easier to handle in English. We appreciate your participation and understanding.
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    [QUOTE = "techsar、post:639735、member:8840"] HFでFT8を試す :)
    二次的な趣味である市民ラジオをやっていますが、相手が強い音を立てているかどうかわかりません。スペクトル管理には、27.144Mhzの垂直ダイポールを使用します。社会保障番号が上がったらW番号が使えますが、今は海外とのコミュニケーションはいかがですか?あいさつが長くなりましたが、よろしくお願いします。とても親切です。[/ QUOTE]
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    • FT8を使いたいです。ありがとうございました。
    • 奇妙な英語の文章になっています。申し訳ありません。 DSCN0004.JPG
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    I'm sorry.
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    そのラジオで連絡するのは難しいでしょう。 FT8は通常、側波帯変調によって行われます。


    It will be difficult to contact on that radio. FT8 is usually done by sideband modulation.

    It's late here, so have a nice day. talk to you later.
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    I've only spent a year in Japan and you're fine. please do not worry
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    I've wondered, if the Japanese written language uses symbols for words how can a keyboard be used? There are only so many keys.

    Been watching NHK TV occasionally. Interesting to see the cultural differences. Beautiful place.

    I do admit I've become hooked watching sumo wrestling.
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    Would you believe that a Japanese keyboard has a few more keys?
    Hiragana Japanese Online Keyboard LEXILOGOS
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    Try watching lady sumo wrestling for a real thrill.
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    https://translate.google.com/ can help



    Https: / / Translate. Google. Komu/ wa hon'yaku o tetsudau koto ga dekimasu

    it is fairly accurate but technical terms might get mixed up

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    [QUOTE = "sec_monkey、投稿:639786、メンバー:7088"][welcomeLG]






    用語説明ですが、専門用語が混同する可能性があります[/ QUOTE]

    アドバイスありがとうございます。by JA40
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    日本語のキーボードレイアウトは次のとおりです。 DSCN0005.JPG
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    There are several citizen radios that are no longer needed. I don't know. There is no dummy load or microphone to measure. I will give it to those who need it. Please pay only the shipping fee. I will post the photo later. Thank you.
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    @JA40 Thank you for your offer, of surplus to your needs, equipment, here on the Monkey... Such posts need to be posted in the the “Pay it Forward” sub forum, in the Buy, Sell & Trade forum near the bottom of the Main Page...
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    それらのいくつかは機能すると思います。それは15年以上の間倉庫にありました。 DSCN0006.JPG DSCN0007.JPG DSCN0009.JPG
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