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Discussion in 'Technical' started by TailorMadeHell, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Okay, I'll say I haven't put it in a shop. I am trying to see if it would be worth it or not before I do. Here's the thing... I forget the model and stuff as it's in storage. Laptop battery started not holding a charge. It had to stay plugged in for it to work. One day it wouldn't come on at all. I read that I could remove the battery and it would work. I removed the battery and used it plugged in only. After a while, it quit coming on at all. I had it on a fan pad so I don't think it overheated. I bought a replacement battery, let it charge fully and then tried to turn it on. Nothing came on. I did hear the thing try to spin up but it stopped and that was that. If I hold down the power button the lights will come on, though when I release it, they all go off and no sound of activity. Any ideas? The only other option is to try and salvage the hard drive. Ran Vista and had active virus protection. I'm at a loss.
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    If you could supply the make and model it might help us figure out the course of action.
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    No HD noise on boot = dead HD at a best guess.
    U could pull it apart and try reseating the HD cables and blowing everything out with compressed air....
    But you're prolly looking at a new machine.
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    First thing I would check would be that the fan is clear of dust and debris so the fan can spin without sucking hard, that would shut it down, and overheat it quickly.
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    I would think, too that the power supply may be kaput.
  6. kellory

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    Possible, but easy to check with a simple meter.
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    Had a Dell Latitude do that same thing a couple years back. The charging circuit section of the motherboard was toast...
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    If nothing else I hope I can save the hard drive. If I remember right, it is an Asus G5.
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    I have a nice stack of laptop hard drives that I connect to my laptop's via a usb rig..
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