Help needed-Family troubles and a SHTF novel I'm working on...

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    Howdy y'all. I contacted melbo the other day, and got the thumbs up to do this, so don't skin me. Haha.

    The short of it is that we have been having some troubles on the home front. My wife had been having some troubles with her pregnancy, mostly preterm labor, that has left her on bedrest. We own a barely eking by at this point business we we primarily make living history clothing a accessories, as well as custom orders. My wife is our seamstress, and I can't sew, so this has been a major hamper on the business end of things.
    I have been having to take up all of the slack around the house, take care of her and the rest of the family.

    What that has left us with is a lot of bills, and not a lot gong on to take care of them. Now, I have problems of my own, and you can PM me if you wish to discuss them in private, and there are only so many things I can do to make money.

    What I can do is write. I have been working to finish a SHTF novel that I started back in January, but had to quit writing on initially because the job market crashed, and we had to start up the business that we currently own.

    To try and make this long shot a reality, we set up a Go Fund Me campaign, Writing a SHTF Novel. For those not familiar (I wasn't), Go Fund Me is essentially a crowdsourcing sight, were the crowd gives monetary donations instead of feedback.

    This is our Campaign, for those of you who are interested in looking further:
    Writing a SHTF Novel by Amber Howard - GoFundMe

    We do have an article up on there, and a video from YouTube that my wife and I made for the Campaign.

    Want to thank all of y'all you give this a look over, and a double thank you to anyone who gives the link a looking over. If at all possible, if you could Share the link, we would be greatly appreciative, even if you don't donate yourself, we have been told that the Campaign depends largely on coverage.

    Appreciate you guys, and let us know what you think.
    And most importantly, Keep up the Good Fight.
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  2. AxesAreBetter

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    Also, I'm David, and it is my book. My wife had the Facebook attached to the account. Haha.
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    I don't understand - are you trying to pre-sell an unfinished book?
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    Sorry to hear about your issues David. I hope your Go Fund Me Site gets 1,000,000 donations.
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    May or may not be helpful to you and your wife, but try learning lymph drainage massage. I did it for my wife when she was pregnant with both my monkeys. And she never had any swelling in her feet. Swelling in other places... Made for a more comfortable pregnancy for her.

    It is easy and only took minutes per night. I did it every night just before bed.

    Good luck!
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    Following also.
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    No at presaling. It is sort of a asking for help kind of thing. I don't believe it is against the rules, so I was planning on sending a free download code to at least everyone who gives over $25 to project when I get it completed. Just seemed fair. If you know some way to presale, I would give that a try, but I am kind of out of the loop on some of these kinds of things.

    It was kind of hard for me to wrap my head around, but it is apparently a thing.
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    It's a donation, to help pursue a dream, and if successful. He's offering payback in eBook form.

    I've seen GoFundMe's where folks have wanted to take their kids to an amusement park like Disney, but could not pay the entrance fee. Folks donated enough for the entrance fee and even the hotel and food costs, for the enjoyment factor of helping to bring joy. Family had s great time, and gave back with thank yous and pics (all they could do).
    It's kinda like donating meat after a hunt, to help out, knowing it helps, and not expecting much in return, besides heartfelt thanks, and maybe some fresh bread.
    I donate time and labor, others donate money. Sometimes all you get is a smile, sometimes a home cooked meal.
    Either way, it's worth doing.
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