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    It seems to me that more and more people are "getting it." I meet the most unlikely folks in Lowe's or the local co-op, purchasing materials to build a chicken coop or the wiring needed to put up a fence. I watch men in shirts and ties debating over seed packets with their impeccably dressed wives. I'm stopped at Walmart in the canning aisle by people who ask me if I know anything about canning or what they need to purchase to put up vegetables from their garden.

    They're fascinated and inspired when I tell them that canning meat is possible too.

    Our local farmers market is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more people are seeing the positive impact of healthy food free from pesticides and GMOs. They're sticking their finger in the air and noting the winds of economic change and the direction they're coming from, and realizing that they're going to have to do something to keep from being blown away by the storms that are coming.

    But there are still too many who have their heads in the sand or who feel defeated before they even get started. There's not much any of us can say to those who refuse to face reality and continue to believe all is right with the world. Trillions of dollars in debt cannot be sustained. Reckless printing of dollars cannot get us out of the trouble we're in. Not even our government can remember what happened five short years ago as it begins to pressure banks to once again make loans to those who can ill afford to pay for them.

    And then we have North Korea. Now, their posturing may simply be the swagger of the man-child dictator who feels he must do something--even bluster--to retain the respect of the military he supposedly commands. Or his threats may be the ravings of a lunatic who will do whatever he wants to against any real or imagined slight and to heck with the rest of the world. These are things that we really have no control over.

    But we do have control over our little corner of this earth, and those of us who are keeping our "can do" attitude can help those who want to do something but don't know where to begin. It doesn't matter if it's one neighbor, a class you organize in church, a column you volunteer to write for your local newspaper, or any other way you can share your knowledge with people who want to learn, you can contribute to the self-reliant movement that is sweeping this country. I would like to encourage you to look for ways to share your knowledge and skills with others around you. Look for ways to encourage the people in your area to come together in sustainable communities.

    If we can accomplish this, then it doesn't matter if the government coffers go belly up, or if joblessness skyrockets to double digits, or if tin-god dictators across the world get their knickers in a wad, we will be prepared.

    Isn't that a satisfying thought?
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