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    We all like to hear about a new or old piece of kit that you loved or didn't like at all. I'd be tickled to see 20 new reviews by the end of July. Help a monkey out!!

    Post them here:
    Survival Gear Reviews
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    I second this! 20 new reviews by the end of September.

    Start your reviews here: Survival Gear Reviews
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    hmm only have one new bit of gear only thing i got in long time bought the solo bolo from condor tool and knife could only find 2 reviews on it lots of bush crafters dont like it for some reason or there is more eye candy knifes they want first but i got the solo bolo it has great blance better than you would think i picked this knife cause i dont only want a chopper but i want point if i need it for defence i was surprissed at how well it did chop
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    old gear hmm i have a orginal REI sleeping bag i bought well used in 1975 that simply will not die just washed it looks new ok and one last bit of gear in 2005 when i still had all the money i would ever want i spent 4,000$ of a soild wool organic bed was living with my vegan girlfrind at the time its a shepherds dream bed its 10 inchs thick solid wool futon. this bed saved my life for real when i lost my money and had no heat food power and i was only eating 3 meals a month read in my primal diet post i laid in this bed when i lost control of body functions. in a coton to modern bed i would have frozen to death but i was laying on soild wool ten inchs thick in there bed even wet when your sick from scurvy your not going to freeze to death your in a solid wool womb. after 4 years when i had little more better times i called the company told them my story they explaned how i could clean and fix the bed then they sent me the wool to recover the bed by my self. it looks as new as the day i bought it now and has a new soft wool topper that makes it feel like a feather bed if you buy a shepherds dream bed it is well worth the money the smaller ones are cheaper mine was 4 grand cause i bought the king size and the bed frame and every option think more in the 1,500$ range would get you one it will be the last bed you ever need. if you down and out this company will stand buy you take time to talk you thru cleaning so on one of the few companys that did not let me down not realy a company there a college that teachs the old ways of sheep and wool from harvest to manufacture
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    that is them you have it. You know they make wool blankets i would never buy a expensive husonbay i would buy theres and if you call them they will sell you scaps and smaller pieces want to make best wool boots call them tell them size your looking for they have plent of scraps to small to use in bed they will sell at much discounted prices dont think its on there webpage
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    and the wool topper or cover it holds the soft topper in place is a huge wool blanket only thing is has straps to hold it on the bed
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    it was not guns food preps that saved my life it was that bed if your older and live alone remote maybe scared your get stuck in bed this is the bed for you a standard bed in 6 months with loss of bladder conrtol will fail you start to sag in the center this bed will not do that and will smell better too. if your younger call them have them make you a smaller one thinner and camp size they dont advertise it but they will do it for you
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    Best load bag I've ever used. I've deployed a few times and this bag is the easiest to stuff and drag around anywhere. Black "MOJO" Loadout Bag By Voodoo Tactical from MOLLE all around is nice and helps with quick item removal without having to unpack everything. Seriously a durable and versatile bag!

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    Featuring this thread and hoping that our Monkeys have some new gear to review. Please start a new thread here:

    Start your reviews here: Survival Gear Reviews
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    Old Gear
    $20 butchering kit
    Ridge Runner Deluxe Game Cleaning Knife And Saw Kit | - Knives & Swords At The Lowest Prices!

    The knives are good, not great or chef quality but reasonably sharp, reasonably easy to sharpen and hone, heavy steel and durable. The plastic handles can crack if you hit them when they are cold. The saw and shears were pretty much worthless, but for $20 there's a nice selection of decent butchering knives and the sharpening rod is nice too. I call it a sharpening rod rather than a honing rod because it's really for a rough sharpening rather than a fine honing
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    Ben's 100% DEET insect repellent because you are not going far if your sick with black flies, chiggers, Fleas, leaches lice, mosquito or tick bites all over you and just one can make you sick as a dog and some of the diseases associated with these parasites cannot be cured only managed.
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    Bump. Please note when reading gear reviews that some are rather out of date and may need careful consideration before relying on them.

    (SM has been around a "short" while, after all.)
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