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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by andy, May 5, 2007.

  1. andy

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    ok need some help here, i was just issued the A.L.I.C.E. pack. now i went out and got a "butt" back (just a small patrol bag) on my own thinking it would make a good BOB or at least a good place to hold extra stuff. i know the two can go together i just don't know how. AGHHHHH!!!!! i was hoping some of you out there have used one in your expliots...
  2. sniper-66

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    The butt pack is attached to the pistol belt and LBE suspenders. The ALICE pack is seperate and is worn over the top of the LBE suspenders. When both worn, they basically stack one on top the other. The problem is when you wear the frame with the ALICE pack, the kidney pad rests on top the butt pack, so to wear both, wear the ALICE pack without the frame.
    The butt pack can be lashed to the bottom of the ALICE pack, but it doesn't work well that way.
  3. andy

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    Thanks sniper
  4. griffin1340

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    Hi Ya Andy. I've used both the ALICE and the LBE/Butt pack for years. And as sniper said they do not work all that well togeather. I used to attach my butt pack with carabiners to the webbing on the side of my large alice pack. [opposite the E-tool] And when I need to use the butt pack [patrols/Lp-Op's etc.]I would attach it with the alice clips to the lbe.
    Long ago I picked up a new style load bearing vest and found the butt pack was not that easy to attach, so I use the carry strap from the 2qt canteen to carry it over the shoulder when needed.
    All for the most part I ever carried in the butt pack was a poncho liner and poncho, cleaning kit and a spare few sundries like pogy bait and toothbrush & such.
    When I hit squad leader I started carrying way to much crap [nvg's ,bino's, commo gear and such] and had to tone down the excess, but the butt pack stayed.
  5. andy

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    i found if i attach the pack to our "guard" belt it should work nicely so next time we go out in the field i'll give it a shot, it might work with the "H" harness or KDH(i have no idea what it stands for, its our bullet proof vest)

    thanks griffin
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