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    OK, I know this can be done because I did it before on the sheep butchering one. Im trying to save the beef butchering tutorial on a 'Microsoft works 4.0 word processor' document since thats the software I have been able to find on my computer that I can save a combo of text and pics on but when I copy it and paste it there it dosnt take the pics, it just shows the titles of the pics and then I have to go through and take the pics from my disk and reinsert them into the text.
    Problem is I cant remember how to get the pics to load into it now. I wrote the first 2 tutorials directly on the forum and then just copied the sheep one back from here, now I need to do the same with the beef one and wright the one for the pig on my computer along with the others I plan to do in the next week or so.
    My computer is old and crappy and so is a lot of the software on it, Im running Windows 98 which is the most advanced the computer is capable of (it was designed for windows 95) plus Im a bit technologicaly retarded, but if any one can help me figure this out or let me know an easier way to do it that I happen to have the software for it would be MUCH appreciated.
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    MM, I don't use the WP from works but you should be able to use the menu item "INSERT" then "picture", "from file", "image location."
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