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    Anybody have any answers that will help with p neuropathy? I have neuropathy in both legs and feet from the waist down. I am in the process of getting a spinal stimulator that I hope will help. I have tried almost every meds that are supposed to help. The meds work for a while then no more. Anybody have any idea that will help?
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    I just put up with it, myself... I broke both bones in my lower Right Leg, 20 years ago, in a 4Wheeler Accident, and after the surgery, and recovery, I lost ALL TACTILE Feeling below the top of my ankle in that leg... Now as a Diabetic of a few Decades, I am slowly losing feeling in my left foot... Because of the Right Leg issues, I do not do well on uneven or loose ground, and going down stairs... I have learned to compensate for that over the years, and now I just move a bit slower, and use a Cane, or Walking Stick, especially if I am tired... I get around just fine, but do not run very fast anymore... I call it OLD Age Shit...
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    I wouldn't wish Peripheral Neuropathy on my worst father had it for some years before he carked it. I'm not sure what others here can offer, other than sympathy, thoughts and prayers. There are one or two physicians that I am aware of here, but other than that...just the same Dr Google information that can be done by most anyone with a computer and internet access. Bear in mind there seems to be no shortage of quacks and con artists online happy to part the desperate from their money in finding relief from unending painful misery.

    Peripheral neuropathy

    Peripheral neuropathy - Symptoms and causes

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    Everybody is different but for mine I find a TENS unit works mostly. I don't take drugs for it other than a couple aspirin. TENS units are pretty in expensive and can be used for other needs as well.
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    My sister has that in her feet from diabetes. The TENS treatments did no good. She has learned how to waddle, as she puts it, to wherever she put her cane down. Of course, that is not very helpful for you, OM, but lack of help sometimes is a clue by itself.
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    I'm taking Lyrica and Narco something that I'm kinda getting used too.
    Mine was caused by an accident at work in 2016,Before that day I wasn't on any meds....period.
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  8. If you find a solution? Let me know. I have it in my chest. Got it after open heart surgery. Along with broken chest wires and sternal nonunion. Not fun. feels like their trying to start my heart with paddles all the time. Unfortunitly, I had a allergic reaction to the meds for it......
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    I have tried almost everything from meds to a tens unit,no help. Last week I went for surgery to have a spinal cord stimulator installed. I have to wait two weeks for the surgery to heal before they will turn it on. Burning so bad can’t sleep much. The only thing I have found to work is getting in the shower with the hot water as hot as I can stand for a few mins and then turning the cold water on by it’s self ,it kind of numbs my legs for a while. Narcotics worked but my wife said I would sleep too much so I quit. If you had a broken leg you could show people why you hurt.
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    Whats better sleep or no sleep? I've heard some claim CBD oil helps?
    I've heard smoking the herb itself helps?
    But then again Louisiana is not a shall smoke state...yet?
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  11. tried the hot/cold water on my chest, didn't help much. What I do to numb the pain in my chest for bed time is rub a salve that contains Capsicum ( The "Hot" of Cayenne). Its used by many for arthritis. It lights me up like a roman candle for a few minutes, but then seems to deaden the feeling enough for me to go to sleep. One word of warning though? Wash your hands well and wear a night shirt (in my case, jamma bottoms in yours) even in sleep, you can scratch or rub your face. not good at ALL if you have that stuff on your hands. Trust me in this...….
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    There are some other places you'd rather not get that stuff on ----
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  13. Very true...
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    Compression Socks really help! Low salt, Low nitrates, and CBD oils/edibles can also help! Both parents have it and its not good! Dad found the low salt and compression socks really helped and he is also taking CBD oils twice daily to work through the pain! Dad was on his feet for 40 years on a steel deck, and he is paying for that now! Best luck to you all, hopefully you can find something that works for you!
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  15. I'm having a real bad time with water retention and circulation. Even with normal socks and shoes, I don't get enough circulation in my feet. ( they turn blue ) I go barefoot most of the time, It seems to help. Afraid the compression socks would be worse. Don't know about CBD oil.... I'll check into it. Thanks.
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    I tried compression socks for awhile,about a fifty fifty that they helped. It seems to me that if I knock the pain out early then the rest of the day is better. A cool breeze cause my feet to start burning more than anything.[flag]MAGA [flag]
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  17. Ok an Update on CBD oil. Wife's Doctor suggested it for my wife's neck pain. ( she has desinigrating (sp?) disk in neck). So we bought some. its expensive, 50 $ for a 3 oz. roll-on bottle. Tried it on my chest, and it worked pretty well to deaden my nerve pain. Only compliant is the smell. ( like strong icy hot) Likely from the other ingredients. It's Muscle & Joint Heat Relief with 250mg CBD. made by Green Roads.
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