Henry AR7 takedown rifle

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by oth47, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I'm kind of curious about this rifle,I had one back in the 70s when they were made by Charter Arms.The one I had would not shoot a full clip without jamming,regardless of ammo brand..the ejector mechanism looked like it was hacksawed out of an aluminum pot.Is Henry Arms making them better?I'd like to have another one but I don't want the kind of problems I had before.
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    I've had one of the oginal silver AR-7's for some time now but have never found a good use for it other than its compact storage. I found it in one of the gun stores I frequent for 100.00 bucks or so. I have shot it several times and did not have any fail to feeds or fail to ejects. The sights suck and their not very accurate but there is a sight called AR7.com that sells accessories like heavy barrels and different types of fixed stocks that may help turn it into a shooter but if I have to spend the extra money to do that I might as well have just bought a real rifle.

    For me I bought it for truck / 4 wheeler gun that I would not be to concerned with it it was stolen but could be used to take out the occassional tree rat or tin can.
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    i had one and sold it the peep sight is so hard to sight because of the thickness of the stock.dont get me wrong i like peep sights but this is very hard to sight for that reason.so i think it is crap.lol
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