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    Does anyone have a good place to get started on learning about Herbal Medicine? My experience with medicine is extremely low but I value the experience and knowledge of fellow monkeys.

    We have been looking into many alternative medicines/therapies, currently my wife is taking a 2nd (more advanced) online class on Homepathic medicine however I still struggle with the fact that most of the studies that have been done appear to indicate that it is no more effective than a placebo group. Granted some of the studies could be swayed by big-pharma the fact that no one can explain how it cures to be suspect.
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    I'm sure that others will chime in with where to go to gather more info.

    As for the second question you asked.......well, I can only give you my opinion. Let me start with where I come from. I was trained as a Wilderness First Responder, an EMT-B, an ER Tech and am currently working as a RN in an ER. I hold a BSN degree which I recieved by completing a 12 month accelerated program that piggy backed on my first degree in Fine Arts.

    That being said, I view the problem from two camps. One is the established medical field that feels that they have a lock on how to find, treat, and cure anything under the sun. They speak their own language, and back it up with tests and studies. They are jealous of their position, and guard it closely. And why not, there is a lot of money to be made.

    The other camp is the alternative medical field. They feel that they have an answer that is just as good as established medicine for how to find, treat and cure anything under the sun. They do not speak the language of tests and studies, or at least not in a manner that the established medical field hears. They are jealous of the established medicine position and wish to surplant it. And why not, there is a lot of money to be made.

    Until both side speak the same language, there will not be a true answer to your question. I believe that both sides are right. The homeopathic nurse practitioner that my wife goes to regularly states it as such. "I'm here to keep you well, but you will need a doctor for when you get sick." This comes from a women who has seen both sides of the coin. Previously she spent 10 plus years as a critical care nurse. She, as do I, recognizes that there are things that established medicine does well, just as there are things that it could do better. Same with alternative medicine.

    Neither side is completely correct, its just different paths up the same mountain.

    Just my .02,
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    Try Hearbal Healer Academy @ www.hearbalhealer.com The beauty of herbs there are no side effects and they are natural. Nature is always better than technology.
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    1) 2/3's of all modern medicines are made of compounds that were found in herbs.

    2) All the studies that I have seen are done with powdered herbs, when you powder an herb it loses it's medicinal value at a much faster rate.

    3) Most all studies are done by colleges that are funded by big pharma. co's. They only have a few Billion reasons ($$$) to tell you that you need them.

    4) It's easy to explain how herbs work, they have compounds in them just like modern medicines that cure/or help the body cure illnesses.

    5) Like my Dad always told me, "figures don't lie but liers figure"

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    Goto Local book store, they should have a field guide on medicinal herbs and plants.
    I got mine at barnes and noble.
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