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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by raiderofthelostcrotc, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. raiderofthelostcrotc

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    New here...
    Among other talents (like making a kick-ass lasagna) I am a trained herbalist. I have not yet recieved certification as I moved before I took the final class, dammit.

    Anyway, I was surprised to not see more on Herbal medicine on this site. Herbal remedies are easily obtained, can be grown by the user, few side effects, stored in small spaces, hard to over-dose on (although possible if you are an idiot or highly determined) and generally legal.

    I rarely go to the doctor or take mainstream meds...not even over-the-counter.

    Headache? A couple tablespoons of dried willow bark, hot water and a tablespoon of honey...nice cup of tea and headaches all gone...

    PMS? Chaste berry tea with maybe some black cohosh added.

    There are tried and true remedies for damn near everything...

    Look for the book The Green Pharmacy by James Duke.
    Excellent book and written so anyone can understand it. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a beginner in herbal medicine.

    In a survival situation, doctors, pharmacies, etc will not be available...educate yourself and lose the dependency on mainstream medicine.It is (IMHO) cheaper and safer.
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  2. phishi

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    Your input here will be well appreciated. I can understand your surprise at not having more herbal remedies. I myself am looking to learn more about them. Please feel free to share what you know.

  3. melbo

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    where there is no tech?
  4. raiderofthelostcrotc

    raiderofthelostcrotc Monkey+++ Founding Member

    I have quite a few web sites cataloged that are great in telling you what to take for whatever ails you...with dosages,etc. I even have the url to Dr Dukes database of herbal remedies, etc. When have the free time, I will post the list of links. All highly useful.

    I can also post suggestions for harvesting and storing herbs, and also how to cultivate...(avid gardener here).

    I have been working loads of overtime, so I will try to get to it when I can catch a breath...
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  5. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Glad you brought this up.

    We are mostly herbal and natural remedy here as well. Always looking to learn more.
    Maybe it's time for a seperate section on Alternative Health?
  6. E.L.

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    Thanks, I will have to give that a try. I look forward to more info on the subject.
  7. monkeyman

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    Hell aside from some trama care I would say that alternative and herbal and such is what survival medicine would be.
  8. raiderofthelostcrotc

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    Okay...first things first...plants and herbs are chock full of phytochemicals...most mainstream medications contain phytochemicals...know anybody taking digitalis for heart problems? That is an extract from foxglove!

    Here is the phytochemical database run by James Duke. Again, I urge everyone to buy a copy of The Green Pharmacy and The Green Pharmacy 2.


    Ther's a starting point. I will post some more later tonight. Got off work early...WOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!
  9. raiderofthelostcrotc

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    Okay, heres some more...browse and learn, copy down or print out what you need or think is most important:
    http://health.nih.gov/result.asp/324 (US gooberment....I am not confident of their protocols, etc. Too much money coming in from pharm. company lobbiests)

    Awesome link site here...

    This link page is EXCELLENT...

    Okay...I will stop there...already gave you WAY too much , heh-heh...
  10. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    There is some great information and all the links still work.

    Check it out, Monkeys!
  11. eeyore

    eeyore Monkey+++

    looks great thank you for the links
  12. enough

    enough Monkey++

    sweet! this is an area that I've been meaning to get into. thanks for the book recommendation too. I'll pick it up next week. :thumbsup:
  13. sheen_estevez

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    First off welcome, always looking for good information like this.

    I suffer from sinus migranes doctor just put me on a new med for it, works well but if there is a natural way to cure them I'll give it a try. For those that don't get them sinus migranes are really really bad.

    I do the netti pot thing twice a day, works great, strange when you first start out but now it's nothing. What I have noticed in the several years of doing it, all my co-workers are walking around with colds, they seem to pass by me, I'm relating this to the use of the netti pot. Last year when I did get a cold I used it every few hours and the cold didn't seem to last as long as with some.

    I would agree with that, something I would like to know more about and start using
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  14. Mike

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    Ok, other things. Tea Tree oil and Lavender are both antifungal, antibiotic, and germicidal. They are two of very few oils that can be used neat. Tea Tree oil can be used in the oral cavity, but don't swallow it. It tastes horrible, smells terrible but is a gem. Lavender is great on 1st degree burns.

    I used to make a lotion of 2 oz sweet almond oil, 2 oz jajoba oil, 1/2 oz vitamin E oil, 15 drops of lavender essence oil, and 5 drops of tea tree oil to use as a cure for diaper rash. Our granddaughter's parents (my new wife's side) were not good at cleaning her bottom. That stuff would cure her in a couple of days, every time.
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  15. jefferson

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    Herbal remedies is a best one to keep the body healthy and also protect the body from various infection. Ancient age people are following natural remedies to protect their body from various infection. Modern days people are depending on new advanced medicine technology.
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