Here come the Chinese with a Low Cost HF Radio....

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by BTPost, Feb 22, 2013.

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    A new all mode low priced High Frequency transceiver from China is on
    the way. Called the Feitong model FT-808 the new radio is being billed
    primarily as a Marine Band transceiver but its published specifications
    read more like a mid-range piece of ham radio gear. For instance the
    FT-808 has a receive range of 500 Khz to 29.9 Mhz and a transmitter
    that covers 1.6 to 29.9 Mhz. In other words, it covers all the ham
    radio bands from 160 through 10 and lots more.

    The receiver is a double conversion superhetrodyne with both it and the
    transmitter capable of operating Upper and lower sideband, CW and AM
    with 100 memory channels. Tuning appears to be by up and down push
    buttons with a claimed receiving sensitivity of 12 db SINAD and a
    squelch sensitivity threshold on SSB, CW, and RTTY of less than 5.6uV.

    One thing of note. While transmitter power appears to be in the 100
    watt or slightly higher range but according to the public spec sheet
    there appears to be no provision to lock out transmission on 11 meters.
    This will likely keep it from gaining FCC acceptance for legalized
    sales in the United States. At least not in its current non locked out
    11 meter configuration.

    That said, the Feitong FT-808 carries a delivered list price of only
    $410 U-S dollars. Its complete specifications and a video of an
    Italian ham radio operation using it on 40 meters is on-line at (Sparkys Blog, Online Marketplace - Products, Manufacturers, Factories, Wholesalers and Distributors |,,
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    I'd really like to put my hands on one before I bought one but I have to admit, less than $500 for an HF base/mobile rig would be really nice. I'm looking at a FT-897 (Yaesu) for Portable/Mobile/Base with the associated antenna tuner and the best I've been able to find will still be over $1,000...closer to $1,100. Then again, it's portable too so...
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    It is astounding the number of new radios china is producing. 129931358030613750.
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    What we need is an Off-shore Monkey to get one, and do some tests....
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    Yes. I will wait until it has a proven track record.
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    Maybe it'll have the effect (eventually) of driving prices down on the "established" brands, though I'm not holding my breath.

    The overall quality of Chinese products I've seen so far makes me a little nervous to sink $500 into an item stands a good chance of becoming little more than a paperweight in six months. That's particulary worrisome if you really need comms in a SHTF scenario and this thing takes the proverbial dump-ola.

    A $2 dollar hammer at Harbor Freight doesn't worry me so much. It breaks, you toss it and you're only out a couple of bucks. Chances are it lasted long enough for you to get 1 or 2 jobs done, which is all you could expect.
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    Since it is made for the Marine Market, it must have some specific Features, and Quality, to be acceptable in many countries. $500US is dirt cheap for a Marine HF Radio.... Even used.... ....
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