here is a list of my basic house hold appliances that i use

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    Nadja and Kingfisher and i had this talk on another forum about this type of post of how to chose your appliances for a off grid place and there was a few post there that border on plain out stupid in some of the basic knowage of how and when planning for off grid lifestyle and how you can have the basic items of life without haveing to cut out some of the nice things that you want in the place..

    the problem i allways find is that people do not or will not think beyond a generator base system for a future use and how much it going to cost the person to stock up on fuel for the system ..

    with solar and wind beening basically free and yes there is abit of a cost to get that free solar and wind that is out there but the simple is to the queston is i what to live comfortable after the event ..

    so here is my rework basic list of household appliances in my off grid survival shelter that i have in mountains of Az ..


    x-force-10-small 3 burner sailboat stove

    -x-splendide combo rv washer and dryer

    -x-tankless hot water heater system

    -x-mircowave oven

    -x-verilux original full spectrum stand up lamp

    -x-two slice toaster

    -x-philips electric shaver rechargeing


    x-rv style high pressure water pump for pumping of water to the sink and the shower and the washing machine

    -x-3.2.sized cu.ft.fridge

    -x-over stove exhaust fan system

    -x-apple mac-bookpro laptop

    -x-apple ipad

    -x-protable h.p.printer

    -x-diff lighting system for the following areas

    -x-kitchen and stove area
    -x-overhead in the liveing room area
    -x-desktop area for the control panel area
    -x-large pantry area
    -x-entance area
    with this units are long life led units

    -x-22.inch color flat screen tv

    -x-dvd player

    -x-few odds and ends in the place for use as need

    i stagger my loads on diff days of the week as i was told it better for the battery bank to handle them better in the long run ..

    most of the main items i use come from the RV and Sailboat world that you find things that runs off the 12.volt system ..

    i did call and get the total amp hours for my bank is somewhere in the area of 4500 amp hours total in the battery daily load workout is somewhere in the area of 489 area a day total and it jumps to somewhere in the 890 area when i have run the washer and oven that day for the weekly cooking items..

    the apple laptop and ipad work off the 12.volt travel car cig lighter plug in unit so that one area i save power in ..

    my water is bought into my place by a hand pump and about 10 mins of pumping it fills up the three 55 gallon sized fresh water tanks for use as need ..this system also lets me control the amount of water iam useing at the time and it filters it on it way into the stowage tanks as it pass through the water filtering system

    the control panel system was stolen from the earthroamer style of control panel design to keep 12.volt items on one system and the 110.volt items on the other system and this way of cutting off away power drain from the battery bank when not in use ..

    the design of the system lets me look at the levels of water in the fresh water tanks and the level of waster water in the black water tank to keep track of them
    img_7736_std. img_7734_std. img_7735_std. img_7732_std.
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    You have a lot of resistive loads on that list. How do you recharge your batteries, and at what rate do you recharge them?
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    the second part of the post..

    iam completely underground so that way i do not have propane or l.g.gas products in the place ..

    second is when completely underground the need for heat and cooling is done away and it stays about 66 degrees inside the place full time and it will go up to about 70 degrees after takeing a hot shower

    the nice thing about it there is no need for painting or cleaning out the gutters on the place along with the basic fact it hard to find if you do not know where it at when the hatch system is down and locked prostion for the night ..
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    Nice choice of computer & notepad. do you have an IP connection?
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    yes i do and i going back to a wireless set up if i can get verizon to deal with me on a plan for me to use at a fixed price set up ..
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    Up here we use a SAT based IP Connection. It isn't cheap but it does work fairly well..... Oh Yea, and we a basic Mac shop here, with any Windoz, running on BootCamp, or Parallels....
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    i use both solar and wind system set up for the chargeing of the battery bank and as you well az is pretty solar and wind area for the combo system..the place was design to be a combo fallout shelter and a underground home after my retirement from my work for me to live in it full time ..

    part of the design plan because of the riseing cost of power to the area and not wanting to have to depend on any outside power system to power the home if something happens

    so that was one of the major reason why a underground home was for the future cost of heating and cooling on a fixed retirement income as iam now retired and working my second job now ..

    the design was to have a triple bank system of 12 battery set up with the one is online and one is in standby prostion and one is rechargeing ..the design was taken from the WW2 german sub service idea of haveing a three bank system in turns one is allways on line and the other two are in chargeing mode and standby mode..

    with each battie bank haveing about a two week time frame to charge and not have to worry about i need to get it charge now for use gives me a little more stress free day of the worry about other things .

    one each of the bank i have a bult in 3 day overlap for just in case set up like i need to fix something or recharge the other bank because of a failure somewhere down the line in the system .

    also part of the basic design was for the socalled full scale NBC warfare where you had to stay inside for the 21 day time frame and then come out of the shelter you still have a 7 day grace set up to get one of the battery bank charge and ready to use after that with the replaceable solar and wind system that was design to be put up in it new stand and pole system after the NBC or dirty bomb set up .. .

    the one part of the system is design as a small throw away system for just in case a emp strike takes out the system the other system are protected from the strike and when entering the home it can be switched to those protected bank system to power the basic needs of the shelter intill i can get outside to replace the small solar system i need ..

    the throwaway system is design to run the eXbreathe machine is design to move air around to make it hard for moisture and mold and other by products of haveing the place closed up when not there it is tried into the venilation system to move air around inside the shelter along with a few led lights inside the place that i use when iam there for a overnight weekend to bring the supplies to the place.. ..

    when iam in the home for a weekend overnight trip i do not turn on anything but the basic lighting system for the place i have on the throwaway system ..i bring a soft cooler filled with food and drink that do not need to be cook and do not shower or clean up there..

    on my way home the next morning i stop at a local truck stop and eat and semi clean up for the trip home

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    i wish i was that smart and the money to do it.i think ill just use my wood heat and dehydrater and my skills one witch ain't spelling.
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    iam writeing a book on the how to build the tank home as a full time home for retirement and survival shelter ..there is alot right now i can not give away without messing up the socalled copyright to the books drawing and photos ..

    so iam going to give you some basic ideas and not much more was to be out here this jan time frame but i have ran into a few problems with the people who are doing the drawing and we are reworking some of the drawing to make them easlyer to read and understand along with my chicken statch style of handwriteing and doing everything in a shorthand fashion because of the job i had in before i retired takeing a little longer than it should take for them decodeing my hand writeing style and make head and tails of somethings ..

    plus if iam there dureing a event that me to shut the place down and stay inside the place there is a plan in place not to run anything but the basic lights off the battery bank starting after the first 24 hours that way anything in the way of a second or third emp strike is over and i can switch the system on to a basic useage of the lights and cooking with a mre meal system for use as need for meals ..

    everything i went and bought that was 110.volt was basic enegry star rated and low monthly cost to run off the grid to make it alot easlyer on system

    plus given the fact that you learn to stagger the work load on the battie bank unit at diff times of the week and do not try it all at once for that really does drain the bank before the recommended levels in the batties drop below the 25.percent mark and that hurts your batties an it best never to allow them to drop down like that at all ..

    the basic socalled daily work load is light for the heavy duty days is stagged like friday for bakeing the bread i need and couple of pies and cake for dessert that week ..

    on sat morning is the second heavy load and it for doing laundry before the bank is taken off line and rested and recharged the following week time frame

    after that chores are done the system is turned to the fresh newly recharged bank and the bank is rested and looked over the next day to make sure everything is fine and nothing looks out of place and then it place on the charger cycle to be charged ..

    monday-- tues-- weds-- thurs --fri- sat-- sunday the basic working load on the battery bank is the following appliances inside the place

    -x-mircowave oven as it need for meal prep items

    -x-toaster as it need for meal prep items

    -x-laptop as need

    -x-ipad as need to rechargeing

    -x-philips electric shaver rechargeing as it need

    -x-led lights for the diff areas of the place-x-kitchen-x-bathroom -x-liveing room area -x-entance-x-pantry area

    -x-fulcum spectrum stand up light as need when reading .

    -x-stove top cooking burner for heating water for tea or potatoes or rice or spaghetti and sauce or mac and chesse or heating up something for eating

    -x-flat screen tv and dvd player ..

    -x-eXbreathe machine and it ventilation system

    -x-tankless hot water heater

    -x-high pressure water pump set up

    on the heavy load days of the bakeing bread and other meal items it done on a friday

    on the second heavy load day of the washing machine is running for four to six hour time frame doing two laundry loads that have bult up over the week ..

    i do not was my cloths in hot water and use cold water only

    i hand pump my fresh water in and black water waste out of the place along with not haveing a pump system that draws water from the well helps in keeping the power needs down inside the place
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    i cleaned out over 3/4ths of my retirement saveing account and sold off everything i did not need to do buy the tank and make it into the a home for me along with brand new supplies i need to get at the time in 2009 time frame ..

    i did get into trouble with the irs over not paying taxs on cashing out and saleing off everything i had in the way of investments and lands ..i had to pay a taxs and a fine of $20,000.oo dollars to them in the end and it was worth it now to have that back up plan in place ..
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