here is a list of the appliance's at the cabin

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    here is a basic list of my appliance's i have at the cabin in 110.volt & 12.volt items .I have cut my appliance's down to the basic items for living full time in the cabin to help save wear & tear on the battery bank for future use in the place .

    110.volt power

    Fulcum sunlight lamp
    Mircowave Oven
    Induction single burner Cooktop
    Zorjirushi Bread machine
    Hair Rv combo washer & dryer
    2 Sliced Toaster
    Tankless hot water.The hot water heater is only used for the shower & washing dish in the sink .The cloth's are washed in cold water only
    Radio & Scanner unit

    12.volt items

    Ipad charger
    Cell phone Charger
    High pressure rv water pump for the shower and washer & dryer & sink
    Tailgater single speed blender for making the morning & evening protein smoothie's shake's
    3.2.Cu.ft RV Fridge for the kitchen
    Engel 80.qt sized freezer for cold food storage
    24.inch color flat screen LCD tv
    DVD player
    Air filtering system for cycling of the fresh air in the cabin
    Red & Blue Led night light"s for use as need
    Led kitchen overhead light
    Led kitchen sink light
    Led light for bedroom area
    Led light for reading in bed
    Led light bar for the living room area
    Led light bar for the bathroom area
    Led light bar for the storage area

    I also have a small Sailboat style Gas grill for cooking outdoor's and i also have a small honda EU3000 Gas powered Generator for also help charging the battery bank

    The Engel 80.qt freezer was a add on to the bank to help with the cold food storage at the place to use it as need .

    The ipad is the only computer base system i have in the place along with not having a internet or cable or sat tv in the place
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    Cool stuff

    Do you have a link to/for the mfg of the combo waher & dryer. I haven't seen too many here in the US - popular overseas...
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    DKR... Look in the RV Industry.... They are fairly common there. I have one, that came from an RV, that works pretty well, for small loads. It is in storage, at the moment, waiting for the Retirement Cabin, to be built.
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    Will do - thanks.
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    Spendide RV 7100 XC washer & dryer model it use 110 volt electricaly make sure it a ventless model for the place
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    Have ya'll seen the 12v powered wash boards and the 12v powered close line dryers?

    Heck in the old daye they were mostly alcohol powered.
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