Here is a tip for living without a freezer space

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by hank2222, May 12, 2012.

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    Since i do have a limited amount of space in the place for cold food storage in the small fridge i use daily inside the cabin .

    My tip to those is those who have a small fridge but no freezer space in there place .i use a outdoor bbq propane grill to cook the meats i need for my meal preps i make during those two weeks

    Here is a list of the meats i buy for a two week food list.

    Package of boneless skinless chicken breast
    Package of boneless beef steaks-x-4-to a package
    Package of boneless pork chops-x-4-to a package
    Package of hamburgers -x-6-to a package

    I food shop every two week's on payday to get everthing i need before going home to the cabin and then break the meats down into a one week package .then i go over to one person house where i have my oversized bbq grill stashed and gill everything up at once that morning putting the grilled meats into there rubbermaid storage bowels and when it need taking out one of the ready cooked meats make my meals using the precooked meats with diff side dish of mac and chesse or mash potatoe's etc to eat as it need

    So far it been working out great for me by not having to invest in a freezer unit for the place.I do cook the meat a little longer than it need to make sure it is throughly cooked along with mircowaving it as it need .

    I have no ill side effects so far from doing this way .
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    Are you saying the meat lasts 2 weeks in the fridge without growing that green fuzz on it?
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    You need to start pressure canning your meats.
    I have found pork cans very well as do turkey and chicken.
    Beef tends to fall apart but canning it in large chunks helps.

    We're currently eating home canned meats we processed six to eight month ago.
    I keep some in a closet in the center of the house and some outside in the root cellar.

    I have not yet sucessfully canned hamburg meat, tried cooked loose meat (covered in broth or dry) and raw pack and wind up with meat which in a near liquid state.
    Even the dog refuses to eat it.

    IIRC someone here has sucessfully home canned "Meatloaf in a can" but I have yet to try that myself.
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    I do this for my weekly cooking of the food to make the meal prep time very easly to do by time the side dish is heated or made up the main part of the meal is chopped up and ready to be put into the dish i use to eat out of .

    Most of my meals are simple one bowel meals with everything mixed into the bowel with the meal meats and two side dish are all put togerther in the bowel to make it easlyer for me to eat when i get up .

    My meal go to meals are following meals

    chicken with mash potatoes and corn
    beef with mash potatoes and green beans
    pork chops with mac and chesse
    pork chops with mash potatoes and green beans
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    here is picture of my fridge at the cabin it a sundanzer model and it small about model with just enough freezer space for some ice cube trays and maybe two hot pocket meals box without the boxs inside the unit .Think of it like a dorm room fridge
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    You weren't kiddin' when you said "Limited space".
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