Here is an interesting article about Suzuki pulling out of t

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    Suzuki to suspend motorcycle sales in U.S.

    According to British MCN and other European sources Suzuki Motors has decided to suspend motorcycle sales in the U.S. Citing the succcess of their automotive product line, increased gasoline prices and increasing anti motorcycle legislation coupled with the high engineering cost of keeping the GSXR line up at the forefront "we've decided to re-focus our efforts in the North American marketplace" says Yoshi Toronaga, Director of North American Sales. Though Suzuki has generaly done well, "we can not afford to expand our Automotive line and Motorcycle line," says Todao Baba, plus it was reported that the Americans referred to GSXR's and sport bikes in general as "crotch-rockets" a popular line of sex toys in Japan..Says Baba-San " we spend millions of Yen per year to give you the best engineering and performance we can at a competitive price and you call our bikes Dildo"s...???? I don't think so..! " "After current inventories are sold, all Suzuki Motorcycle dealerships will be converted to Automobile showrooms featuring our fine line of economical and reliable motorcars" says Toronaga-San.
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    Re: Here is an interesting article about Suzuki pulling out

    [rofllmao] Still laffin' 12 hours later -
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