here is another idea about water storage for long term use

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    I have been playing around with the idea of taking a extra 500 gallon fresh water tank and burying it in the ground and covering the opening up with a few inchs of dirt to keep a extra 500.gallon of water on hand if need be

    The basic idea is to plump a hand line into the incoming home line from the well allready and be able to hand pump water into the cabin fresh water tanks as it needed .

    The water would come up from the well by using a solar or wind or generator power if need be to fill the tank before shutting it off once the tank is filled up with fresh water

    That should last me about one month before i would have to refill the water tank .I allready have the tank and the three way well pumping system installed on the land and wondering if that would be a good idea .
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    Has possibilities. If you do it, be very careful to anchor the tank against floating up, regardless of the water table.
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    Most likely would work out well for you. Buy a berkey water filter for all cooking and drinking water though. Stagnet water, even though below ground may not be a good thing. Also, place at least 6" of pea gravel in bottome to allow for drainage of ground water.
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  5. That's a good idea! Having enough water is always a good thing.
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    Sounds like a great idea. Along that same lines as a cistern but, the water source is a little different.

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