Here we go again: Vaccines

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by UGRev, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Yeah. I favorited that video for sure.
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    Interesting. I'm not sure if I buy into the whole "Equilibrium" pitch. I do think that pharmaceutical companies have an interest in sick people and could potentially start things to boosts sells. Of course spreading an illness in a vaccine makes the vaccine look like a bad idea and is counterproductive to sales. So, I don't really buy that part either.

    I think that the companies can, and probably do start illnesses to make a profit. Of course, a gov't official somewhere has a financial interest in this as well. As a method of control, that's a bit far. As for spreading covertly in a vaccine- that's just doesn't pass the common sense test. I think if someone gets an illness from a vaccine that it's meant to prevent, it's likely an accident. The moment someone who was vaccinated for swine flu gets it, that company isn't making any profit.
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    Now know that's NOT how he big pharma's operate!
    I wholeheartedly agree with you!
    Seems there's always a cure, ready, before the illness begins...but they say it takes time to make a cure for the new and improved illness' we all seem to be "plagued" with anymore!
    I don't buy into their business practices, NOT one tiny bit!
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    Last year I went and got my annual flu shot. At the time the VA didn't have or at least didn't yet offer the swine flu shot. I didn't take on when they did. What happened soon after taking the regular flu shot was, I got a bad cold (at least I think it was a cold). This never happened to me before and I always got the shot every year. Then all winter I kept getting what I thought was a bad cold. Turns out I got bronchitis which got infected. I got antibiotics for it and the infection clear up, I thought. About a month, or less it came back and I had to get more antibiotics. Anyway, now I seem to have what they call chronic bronchitis. Last time I was in for a check up, they told me there was basically no cure, just have to live with it.

    Now comes the good part... Every time I go in to see the doctor, they ask me if I want to take the 'Swine Flu' shot. First they inject me with some kind of crap and now they want to kill me, is what I'm thinking. I just politely decline any further shots that say anything regarding 'flu' in the name. Fact is, I don't think much of taking any more shots that are supposed to prevent something.
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    I'll tell you what happened here...The whole campaign for swine flu the rest of the mor... world, govt ordered the shots. Then campaign on the news and papers started. People were laughing, all the polls were totaly negative, and then someone in the press suggested that health minister should publicly and in front of the cameras get the, we waited for few weeks, but no we hoped we could get rid of him...only few dozens of old people got the shot, the rest of the population were laughing our asses off...we are small country, and everybody knows everybody through someone...and ALL the doctors were "unofficially" saying to the people to get out and not to take the
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    My wife and I refused to take any shots. We didn't let the dr's give any to our kids. We actually did get the Swine Flu and guess what.. it was not fun, but it was over in 3-4 days. The worst of it was the "sh*ts"..
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    AMEN!*ts...was it shots? shets? shats? shuts?...hmmmmm ;)
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    LOL.. it was not shots, shets, shats or shuts.. it was like expelling pure water. We had to hydrate a lot. But so long as you were aware of the enormous loss of liquids, and rehydrated, you'd be fine, other than feeling like garbage for a few days.
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    LOL...I know...I was just joking...half of my family had that flu... :D
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    I always take shots. Every chance I get.

    I go to some pretty nasty places and get exposed to some pretty nasty stuff. I say give me the shots. To date, never had an issue. Not one. I request all the shots for my kids too. No issues there either.

    Immunity, IMHO is not some magical science that we haven't cracked yet. It's pretty simple. You get a weakened strain of whatever it is that we are guarding against (or a similar strain that creates a immune reaction). Having been to places where immunizations aren't pushed and seeing the effects of ill health, I will take the shot over actually getting polio, smallpox, hepatitis, the simple flu, and those other nasties.

    I hear people say that they get a cold sometimes from the flu shot. Maybe they do. Maybe it's a bad batch. Who really knows. I do know that when I look at the stuff pushed here and the health we experience compared to other countries, it's hard to believe that all immunizations are evil.

    Having said that, I trust pharmaceutical companies about as much as I trust a hungry lion while I have a pork chop in my pocket.

    ETA: From a survival/preparedness standpoint, immunizations are like any other prep. One thing that will go down the drain is sanitation. Having simple immunizations could save you from long term effects of bad water or food sources. I know, that anthrax vaccine is evil. I've completed the series. As have thousands of other soldiers that have to take it (it's been mandatory again for the last 5 years). I hear em' complain every time we line up for shots. With all the complaints and huge pool of recipients, you think I would know one person with bad side effects. Not one. I don't know anyone who has suffered from a immunization. Not saying it's impossible, just so rare that the benefits outweigh the risks. Just something to think about.
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    That's the way it used to be. Now they are using adjuvants to amp up the potency of most vaccines. As these things have increased, so have the incidence of "mystery diseases". Fibromyalgia, Childhood arthritis, CFS, Peanut allergies, ADHD and Autism were nearly unheard of 40 years ago.

    Vaccinations reprogram the immune system. IMO man is just not smart enough to be messing around there. A lot of the above relate back to autoimmune issues and to me, it's no wonder.

    15 years ago, my wife came down with guillain barre syndrome. The largest outbreak of which was linked to the Swine Flu vaccinations of the 70s. When I say linked, I mean a statistically proven correlation. After they diagnosed it, the docs told her that she should NEVER have a flu shot again. I have a cousin who worked with the NJ DA's office in the 1970s. They successfully prosecuted the drug companies on behalf of the state on this account.

    My overall point is this: Even if you want to throw all of the nefarious motives out the window (and I don't), these folks still make mistakes.
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    I agree with Fortunateson mostly, and I have to disagree with Al because of the proof which exists about flu vaccines. However, being in the US Army, I know for a fact that the shots we received were 100% mandatory -and not detrimental as far as I know...yet the live culture vaccine (nasal) is not essentially safe and there is a risk associated with it, unlike the dead vaccine culture in a shot. Even still, the strongest supporters for the flu vaccines and other "cures" are typically government employees and military personnel.

    Needless to say, I wouldn't feel comfortable giving my kids any vaccines. With autism on the rise, it's no wonder either. I just don't trust my government. I can't expect everybody else to feel the same way. I see why some parents may choose to be vaccinated and have their kids do it too -but the real truth is never given to the people and the pharmaceutical corporations keep getting richer.

    YouTube - ‪PT 1 60 Minutes Swine Flu Vaccine Warning‬‎

    YouTube - ‪Dr. Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:Harmful Side-Effects of The Swine Flu Vaccine!‬‎

    Everything is twisted and reality is perverted. Most people seem out of touch with reality, children have grown accustomed to being poked in the arm and prescribed medicines. It is no wonder why so many have been acclimated.
  14. bnmb

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    In Yugoslavia, and now in Macedonia we have regular vaccines (immunization) of children in primary schools. Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, tuberculosis, polio, MPR and pox. They are not obligatory, but all kids are immunized. When I was in the Yugoslav army we received ONLY one shot...After that, we could eat even rocks and not get sick...When I think now, nobody of my mates ever got ill in the army...And we ate like anything, from plants, insects, snakes, snails...BUT ALL vaccines were made in Yugoslavia...NONE was ever imported! And i never heard of any bad case, death or anything connected with children immunization in primary schools...EVER! It's not a question in you trust your govt, but if you trust big pharma...And I most certainly don't! My kids are done with immunizations, and no more shots...ever. Last they tried to give girls vaccines against HPV, but that's stupid...There's over 100 strains of HPV. True, only 5-6 cause cancer in women, but that vaccine is not guarantee for anything! And since that vaccine was not made in any former Yugoslavia country, it's not going to fly....
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    Drawing parallels between the vaccinations and this "seeming" increase in childhood diseases is tough. I say "seeming" because 40 years ago the tests and understanding of such disease was a lot less than where we are now. So, was there an increase in cases or increase in diagnosis?

    It's also tough to draw the parallels without looking at other factors. Just the other day, my wife and I were discussing new cooking pots. Having both agreed that teflon is bad, we decided on SS. She placed it as more of a priority that I did and it became a disagreement. After I indicated that the microwave she was using is probably just as likely to create the same effects, she realized that there is more than just teflon as a factor. We could blame a lot of these same illness on beef antibiotics, pesticides, plastics, teflon, microwaves, aluminum, BPA, chemical body/beauty products, dyes, RF waves, smog, silicon from the increased use of electronics.... the list goes on and on.

    My point is, indicating that vaccines are the primary, secondary, or even a cause is like finding a needle in a *needle* stack.

    As a parent, I do try to limit the exposure my kids have. As I do, I seem to be traveling back in time when it comes to daily activities. I think everyone will choose there limit on what they are willing to accept. And as Brokor said, I've seen no ill effects in my family or in any soldiers I have served with. I've heard of it.... as in the news and such. Usually from a special interest group. I do know people that have had cancer, to include my mother and I had an uncle who died from cancer. I'd say both can be attributed to other reasons which concern me more than vaccines.

    One thing is certain, if we don't get immunity from a shot, we will get it another way. Sometimes it's temporary and not life threatening. Sometimes it is. In the end everyone has to decide for themselves. Other than the military, there is no mandatory shots in the USA. When there is, I will likely take the other stance on principle ;)
  16. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    Not true. Children in most states must be immunized in order to enter school / daycare etc. I don't know about ALL states, but I'll bet there are some that even go after homeschoolers.

    What you said otherwise is true. There are a lot of environmental / nutritional factors at play and no-one can pin down a culprit for sure. However, when you're looking at the rise in autoimmune disease, you have to look at the immune system. When you have big pharma hands-on screwing with everyone's immune system, vaccines become the most likely candidate.
    It was absolutely the case in the '76 round of swine flu vaccines.

    As far as your military vaccines, remember this: The folks who paid for your shots had a vested interest in your performance. Not so for civilians! In that case, they have an interest in compliance.
  17. Hispeedal2

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    Yeah, you are right about schools. I believe the only mandatory vaccine was MMR (measles, mumps, ruebella). The flu vaccine is not mandatory.

    The shots that we receive in the military are commercial shots.... by the lowest bidder?? Just something to think about. Shot records are now on My Medical in AKO. I can read all the companies that made my shots and the lot/date of manufacture.

    I hear you on the pharma-idiots. Like I said before, I don't really trust them as far as I can throw em'. I don't run to the doc for every new "pandemic" that comes out. I do willing take the common ones and some special ones. I had a swine flu vaccine. No issues there either. Not to say someone, somewhere couldn't possibly have had an issue- I just personally don't know of one.

    ETA: My wife informed me that a chicken pox vaccine is mandatory in *some places. I think in that case, a chicken pox party is a better idea. She also said that a TB skin test is sometimes required. This is safe and common. I am sure the reason is because of the increase in illegal immigration from countries that have TB problems. I am at high risk for TB because of the proximity I lived and worked with in certain countries, so I've had "IDunnoHowMany" skin tests at the point. Come to think about it, I am due for another one.
  18. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    I kinda venture into the tinfoil hat arena on that one. I'm not hardcore about that sort of thing, but IMO, it adds up. If that's the case, then those lot#s don't mean much.
    I don't intend to convince anyone of this - I'm not convinced myself.
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    Just a year ago, my battalion was so messed up and overworked (actually just incompetent) that the shots were given to my company by the med clinic, "recorded" on our paper records, and never entered into AKO for our own digital retrieval. In fact, the last I remember, they "misplaced" all our records prior to the last deployment and we all had to start from scratch -the entire battalion. No medical records. On top of that, when we returned we were told that the one thousand plus soldiers who were all ETS/PCS'ing out had to receive their medical exams at their next duty station or in the states after they left. This was because they did not have the "staff" to receive this many soldiers all at one time to give proper out processing medical exams. (due to improper out processing management and stop-loss build up)

    I lived next to a destroyed nuclear facility for 15 months in Iraq. "Yellowcake" (was) is supposed to be labeled on my AKO/medical records. Proper procedure should have been followed. To date, I have not yet received a full medical out-processing. I have been out of the Army for a year now. All of my medical records had to be turned in before I left Europe. I guess it's all "my fault".

    My medical records have been reported to been delivered to the VA office, but they tell me that they never received it.

    Don't believe the military works efficiently.
  20. Hispeedal2

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    Agreed. I have had a shot fall off and had to retake it. Similar situation where I was given the shot by a medic and he never had it entered into my record. A couple months later I get called up to head down to the SRP site for another shot. It happens.

    I have heard of numerous incidents where a soldier's medical record was lost. It was supposed to be improved by units mailing records instead of soldiers hand carrying. Honestly, I am more worried about mine being lost now that I don't have control over it. Maybe for *some* soldiers that would be better. As for me, I am responsible enough to not lose the stupid thing. That system is a foul up waiting to happen.

    I hope you have a copy of your records? If I were you, I would raise hell with every single politician I could email to let them know that you are being screwed and that someone lost your records. Veterans issues aren't important to the VA, but they are to most politicians- conservative or liberal. I'll bet your record will be reconstructed fast or "found". When you find it, make a copy and keep it safe.
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