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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jul 3, 2011.

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    The Sprague, CT zoning board recently approved an application to put an indoor gun range in the underground basement of an empty old factory building. The walls of the range will be steel lined. Now come the protests by the parents of the nearby school. They are concerned that the "bullets will come through the walls and hit a child in the playground" and "people carrying guns will be driving down the same road as the school buses."

    Parents claim they will take it to the state supreme court to fight the new business
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    Sprague, Ct..... well ah yup, I can see that. There be a few Nor East Libretarts up thar way.
    You RH, are surrounded by them. You are a rose among thorns.
  3. RightHand

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    Rather than liberals, I see them as totally uninformed. Emotional reactionaries rather than thoughtful thinkers. the ones protesting are the young parents, not the seasoned New Englanders that made CT part of the Firearms Manufacturing Highway.

    Sprague is nearby - my grandson just had a ball game there last week. Nice little town but one suffering from poor economics. Lots of the residents are now employed in low paying jobs by the casinos rather than in the town's original manufacturing industry that has collapsed in the past decade. That collapse was due, in part, the the excessive tax burden on businesses in town as federally mandated programs and partially funded federal projects exceeded the means of the taxpayer. The town is now populated with mostly low income, unemployed or underemployed residents. It's a picture being painted around the country.
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    The Liberal Party has turned their brains to mush - they aren't capable of rational thought any longer. :rolleyes:
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