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    A university teacher pulled aside for advising a boy scout tour to study up on your constitution and bill of rights.

    The couple of vids below the article show a house wifestopped ata traffic check point and hauled off for not presenting I. D. (Right or wrong, I think that is an a law on the books here too).[beat][beat]
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    To expand on that link a bit:
    (THAT's what pissed off the govt!)

    Gee, that was never covered in high school when I was going! [cow]
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    Yup, aint it great, pointing to their employment contract which creates their jobs and grants and limits their powers and authority is now terrorism and espianoge. Kind of like a burger flipper sueing McDonalds for repremanding him for investing the money from their registers in Burger King.
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    I was taught by my family what the Founding Fathers Did. I know they were Terrorists IN THE EYES OF THE TYRANNICAL BRITISH GOVERNMENT

    This is the same way that some of the Mujhadeen are seen as Patriots and Freedom fighters. Where we Label them Insurgents and Terrorists.

    The best way to put it is a Line from Dune "Martyrdom and Suicide are often the same thing in the Eyes of the Fanatic" We are in a way Fanatics.

    We believe that the Constitution is Sacred, We believe that BIll of Rights Guarantees us the right to be born into a free and good country.
    We Believe that Our FOunding Fathers Did something that was meaningful and that changed the world for the better.
    Fanatics and Martyrs are most feared by governments who are not popular, unjust and corrupt. It takes only one Great and Noble act to ignite and STEEL a population into action.
    Maybe our country is waiting for our Martyr.
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