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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Equilibrium, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Equilibrium

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    This is my toolbox…. help me with suggestions to fill it up with tools that I would be most likely to figure out how to use in a pinch!!! No tool will be any good to me if I don't know how to use it. I’d take a photo of the inside but here’s all it’s got in it-
    a staple gun w/ assorted staples
    small hammer
    utility knife w/ extra blades
    3 screwdrivers
    tape measure
    gorilla glue
    some nails and some screws
    picture hangers
    My toolbox.
  2. oth47

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    I love the've got the basics pretty well covered.You might add a small hand drill with bits and an awl or ice pick.Gotta have some duct tape and a flashlight would be nice.
  3. tacmotusn

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    Excellent girl's tool box. Have you seen the old tv show, "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen, circa 1991-1999. Well I guess you could say I am one of those. I have never seen a tool I didn't like.
    Here is a small list that barely scratches the surface.
    Chainsaw - Bow saw - Axe - Crow bar - Shovels - Post hole diggers - Hoe - Garden Rake - Leaf Rake - Real claw hammer 20-24 oz - wood chisels - wood splitting wedge - sledge hammer - vise grips - tin snips - levels (plumbers 9 inch, 18-24 inch, 48 inch) - plumb bob - combination square - carpenters speed square - 25 ft steel measuring tape - 3/8 socket set with ratchet - 1/2 inch socket set with ratchet - combo wrench set 1/4 to 1 inch box and open end - adjustable wrenches 6", 10 or 12", and 18" - c clamps - bar clamps - hand saws - miter box - pipe wrench, 15 or 18" - cold chisels - Oil filter wrench .......
    one note: r rated - do not loan tools to anyone you would not loan large sums of cash, or your car/truck,gun, or have sex with.
  4. Gray Wolf

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    I would add duct tape, gorilla tape is the most serious that you can get, a few small tubes of super glue is good, (and also has some use in first aid), and a small pipe wrench.
  5. Disciple

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    Add a couple packs of things like Jb Weld, and jb Plastiweld. Can come in very handy.
  6. fedorthedog

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    Buck saw
  7. Bison_Forge

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    Duck tape and WD-40 are the old standbyes, and I would recommend that you keep them handy.
  8. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    3 in 1 oil.
  9. Equilibrium

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    One "tool" that I have that I forget I have that really comes in handy sometimes is a Dremel. This is basically what they are, Home. Mine's older but I've got oodles of attachments and this "thingie" does a lot of really interesting things common tools don't do if anyone's interested. I keep mine in the carrying case it came in and I have all the bits and other accessories in another handy carrying case. Even my husband has used the Dremel.
    It was decorated by our sons and my husband after I had a mommy melt down moment when I found they'd been "borrowing" my tools and not putting them back. I know my husband has a few hand drills. I learned how to use them when I was making raised veggie beds for myself. I'd never used a hand drill before then. It took a little getting used to but I got it!!!
    tacmotusn> A small crow bar would be a really good addition. What size tool box do YOU have that fits a chainsaw and a shovel? ;) I'm just teasin ya. I have some of the larger "toys" you mentioned and I have a large kitchen drawer that has other things in it like duct and electrical tapes and glues and our WD40 with a stash of little straws from product we finished using. These I'll have to check into for sure, 3/8 socket set with ratchet - 1/2 inch socket set with ratchet - combo wrench set 1/4 to 1 inch box and open end - adjustable wrenches 6", 10 or 12", and 18" - c clamps - bar clamps - hand saws - miter box - pipe wrench, 15 or 18" - cold chisels.... thank you!!!
    Gray Wolf> Super Glue I've got in our medicine cabinet and in our First Aid kit. I never thought about putting it in a toolbox. I should buy more and do that. I think there's a tube of Crazy Glue and an assortment of epoxies plus two products I really like that maybe you "guys" aren't familiar with called E6000 and Plumbers Goop.
    What are they and where do I get them please? Sounds like something for the kitchen drawer. That toolbox is pretty small.
    fedorthedog> Isn't Buck Saw a brand? I don't know knives or saws that well.
    Bison Forge> There's this saying amongst women that if it can't be fixed by duct taping it or WD40ing it... the next best tool is our husbands' check books. ;)
    ghrit> That sounded familiar. I have a little squeeze tin of that in my sewing box. I've used it for my sewing machine before. What else is that used for.
  10. Wild Trapper

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    I have box after box of tools, new ones, old ones, good ones and poor ones. I always supplied my tools needs as I saw a need. The limit to this would be buying something to do a job you only plan to do once. Such as, last fall I removed some trees from around the place, but didn't have anything to take the stumps out with, so I rented a stump remover. The chainsaw I already owned, because I plan more use for that, but the stump remover, I figure I'll never have to remove those stumps again and it may be years before I need to ever remove a stump again.

    I wore out my first Dremel tool and bought a second, spent more on the second one. Something I don't know how I got along without for so long was a battery drill. I don't even know how many corded drills I have owned and just plan wore them out or burned them up. Those battery circular saws are also handy if you need to cut any boards. I have both metric and standard open end, box end and socket wrenches, because so many things today on cars or around the home are mixed up. Screw drivers are of course necessary for home repairs, those 4 in 1 will do just about any job, but there is always the exception to the rule where you need a really long or short one to fit where nothing else will.

    I have pretty much the same rule for tools as I do with guns and fishing rods, you can never own too many. What if the one you are using brakes or is lost, you should have backups to the backups if you get my drift. If something is worth owning, it's worth owning two of them.
  11. BTPost

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    Just thinking about ALL the WoodStoves, that are out there in Monkey Land.... Do you have Refractory Cement in your stores, so you can repair the Brick in your Wood Stove, when it cracks and breaks down? How about a few extra Refractory Bricks..... Just think'en....
  12. Tracy

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    Silly boys. ;) Here's all you need:

  13. Wild Trapper

    Wild Trapper Pirate Biker

    Tracy, I just witnessed my wife using a table knife as a screw just yesterday. I don't think she owns any high heel shoes. But I did buy her, her very own hammer and I know she has screw drivers around she should have been using. I have many other tools in at the reloading bench too. Give a lady a screw driver and what does she do? (No, not the kind you drink.) Use a butter knife.
  14. Equilibrium

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    That's hysterical.... I'll admit I've used a heel to hammer a few things... haven't used a butter knife though.... yet.
  15. Brokor

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    You need plumbing tools!
    A ratchet set would be good, too. Get 1/2" drive to start.
    Get some open-end wrenches and a couple of adjustable crescents, too.
    A good pair of channel locks will come in very handy.
    Don't forget a pair of vice-grips.
    And just how many screw drivers, and what type? Best to go with a big assortment, and buy Craftsman tools whenever possible because you get a lifetime replacement even without a receipt.
    A multi-tester (amp-volt meter) should be in every home, too. A decent one will run you about $20.
  16. Equilibrium

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    My husband was at Home Depot today and he bought me a small crow bar. My screwdrivers are the classic straight ones. I need one that has the cross on the top for sure because I screwed mine up. Craftsman is the Sears brand. I like the idea of a lifetime warranty without a receipt but isn't there anyplace else I can go for a good tool? There's too many kids at Sears that probably know even less than me about tools. I'd rather go someplace else that has quality tools and adults who know tools who can help me so I can just print off what all you guys said then show them my tool box and tell them to help me pick. I have no clue what crescents are.... I think I know what an open ended wrench is but now I'm not so sure. I'm pretty sure we have an amp/volt meter but I'd have to ask and my better half will be out of here by the time I get up so that will have to wait. Vice grips.... I can visualize those but I can't visualize a channel lock at all since I don't think I've ever seen one before or if I did.... I didn't know what I was looking at. There's got to be good brands that Home Depot or Menards carries, right? If I'm wrong just let me know.
  17. Equilibrium

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    Wait…. I've got an idea if I have to buy at Sears.... I’ve only got two personal friends that are males but…. they’re both older and sharper than tacks. One I can go pick up from assisted living and take with me or one could pick me up.... he hates the way I drive. One was a scientist for the DNR before he retired 30 years ago and the other's a retired homicide detective. I'd think they'd both know tools wouldn't you? Using tools for a guy is like riding a bike…. you never forget how right? How much is this going to cost? A guesstimate is fine. I can spend about $100 right now is all.
  18. Seacowboys

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    The Property marking on your box was an endearment I have only ever heard used by my dear friend Stephan when refering to Charlie's wife, Diane. These folks were all a part of the Bluebird team, were you or your husband Bluebird or maybe at the Depot? If this is not just a coincidence, then you will know who I am and we are fine: if this is a coincidence, you must be a decent soul and God bless you.
  19. Wild Trapper

    Wild Trapper Pirate Biker

    Go to Amazon and type in the tool you aren't sure of. They have everything and probably the best price too. I buy things through them I can't find locally. For Craftsman tools, I find them at yard sales a fraction of the price in stores new. Even if they are not in the best of shape, Sears will replace them if they are broke. Vise grips are really just locking pliers. Channel locks is a brand name for those slip joint pliers. The cross type screw drivers are called Phillips screw drivers. Crescent wrenches are adjustable end wrenches. Some of the names us guys throw out are some times just brand names we use to name a tool that assumes others know what we are talking about.
  20. Nadja

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    You know, if you were to wait until spring comes, you could most likely go to a few yard/garage sales and buy most of the tools you would need or want for a fraction of the cost of new. Doesn't your husband have tools ? Can he not go to a garage sale or two with you if necessary to help you pick out a few ? Here is another thought for you. If you don't know what they are , how are you going to correctly use them after buying them ?
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