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    He makes a very good point: the only people who think the meaning of the 2nd Amendment is open to interpretation are libiots who don't want guns period.

    FLASHBACK – Charlton Heston: British Searched Americans' Homes ‘To Take Away the Firearms’ | CNS News

    (CNSNews.com) -- Charlton Heston, a former actor and president of the National Rifle Association, who died in 2008, strongly defended the 2nd Amendment in a BBC interview in 1997, stressing that the first thing the British did when they sensed Americans would revolt against King George’s oppressive taxes and authoritarian rule was to search “as many houses as they could and take away the firearms.”
    In the 1997 interview on the BBC’s HARDtalk, host Tim Sebastion said, “Charlton Heston, a lot of people would say they fail to understand your views on guns, for instance, your promotion of the National Rifle Association.”
    Heston said, “Well, Americans certainly shouldn’t fail to see that because it’s the Second amendment of our Bill of Rights, which is an utterly unique document – no other government in the world has it. And they had it because those wise, old dead white guys that invented the United States had witnessed –”

    “One of the first acts of General [William] Howe, when they saw the Revolution, the Americans really were going to revolt, was to go through as many houses as they could and take away the firearms,” said Heston.
    The BBC’s Sebastian then questioned unrestricted ownership of guns and quoted former Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell (d.1998) as saying, “With respect to handguns, it’s not easy to understand why the 2nd Amendment or the notion of liberty should be viewed as creating a right to own and carry a weapon that contributes so directly to the shocking numbers of murders in the U.S.”
    Heston said, “With due respect to Chief Justice Powell, or Justice Powell, I don’t think he has the iconic stature of, say, Thomas Jefferson, who said -- when they were drawing up the papers for the Second Amendment, and the Bill of Rights -- he said, ‘It is the aim that every man bear a gun.’ Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Madison, all, it’s on the record.”
    “But it’s disputed, isn’t it?” said the BBC host.
    Heston said, “By less intelligent men. You realize those were giants? I mean, do you think Justice Powell would argue with Thomas Jefferson? Or James Madison? Or Patrick Henry?”
    When the BBC’s Sebastian whether he thought there were too many gun accidents in America whereby people were dying, Heston said, “There are too many people being murdered by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. The thing to do is to see that the criminals are punished. ….”
    Heston was National Rifle Association president from 1998 to 2003, at which time he resigned for health reasons. He died on Apr. 5, 2008. He had starred in such popular films as The Ten Commandments, Touch of Evil, Planet of the Apes, and Ben-Hur, for which he won the best actor Academy Award.
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    and do NOT forget one of his BEST Movies..... MountainMen with Brian Keith.... That is a 2nd Amendment Classic......
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    Don't forget his collection


    Heston5. Heston4.
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    I can see that he's a lifetime member of the BAR association.
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    My Disney World!!!!
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    So many guns, so little time...:cool:
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    Most folks are content with the realization of a dream to be owning a single M2, but Chuck had to have one chrome plated to add to the numerous M2 variants in the collection. Mah goodness...bless 'em.
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    f'ing flamethrower . . . . that would get rid of my English Ivy problem.
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    Even if they are not Heston's guns...it's impressive.
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    And he had the wherewithal to buy ammo for each one of them....
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    huh? :eek:
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    FRN's and precious metals....
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    It's a southern thing Broker.:D
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    NOT Southern, old. As in: Do I have what it takes? IE: Do I have the wherewithal?

    [with-awl, with-] Show IPA

    with it all; as well; besides.

    in spite of all; nevertheless.

    Archaic. with that; therewith.

    with (used after its object).

    1150–1200; Middle English phrase with al ( le ); replacing Old Englishmid ealle, mid eallum. See with, all

    World English Dictionary

    1. the wherewithal necessary funds, resources, or equipment (forsomething or to do something): these people lack the wherewithalfor a decent existence

    2. wherewith a less common word for wherewith


    Word Origin & History

    "means by which," 1530s, from where + withal. The noun is firstrecorded 1809.
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    There are two basic types of machine guns, pre and post ban. Pre-bans are fully transferable to citizens and post-bans can only be owned by government agencies etc and people who can afford a very expensive license. As the very expensive license would be chump change to Heston, I wonder if Heston's collection is pre or post ban weapons?

    Same as old cars, it often has more to do with being an investment than shooting.

    Flamethrowers are force multipliers and bullet magnets. ;)
    I've discovered mixing ground sterilizers and defoliants seem to work better than anyone of them on it's own. Probably illegal to do.
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    As we are on the internet, that is quite possible.

    A search: Charlton Heston Gun Collection Photographs proves it was a hoax! So I stand corrected.

    However as Snopes changed 0bama's birth hospital within ninety minutes of when 0bama changed it; Snopes isn't a source to be trusted.

    Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital

    News sites swap Obama’s birthplace like magic
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    Sooo that's a collection of fake guns ? [tongue]
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